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  1. Здравствуйте, английский язык не знаю, если правильно поняла - нужно делать подарки. Я с удовольствием приму участие. У меня много поделок ручной работы. Вы сможете их посмотреть на моей страничке В Контакте http://vk.com/mandala13?z=photo182111080_312381936%2Falbum182111080_00%2Frev

  2. Hi there - This is what I understood from your message:
    "Hello, English do not know if understood correctly - you need to make gifts. I'd love to be involved. I have lots of handmade crafts. You can see them on my page In Touch".
    I am guessing you are talking about the Secret Santa Handmade swap. Unfortunately the signups closed last Friday and all the partners have been taken. I would have loved to be able to include you, maybe come back next year?
    Thanks for visiting.


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