Thursday 10 November 2016

Book Review - Me Before You

I wasn't sure what I would think of this book when I received it to review from SocialBookCo, but I jumped right in to this title and I loved it!

This was a very touching story that kept my tears flowing freely. So much so that I had to put the book down at the last chapter over last weekend as I was at my expo and I dared not take it with me as I was sure I would be sitting in my stand with red, puffy eyes!

In my teen years I was a big Chick Lit fan, but as I grew older I tended to
choose to read historical fiction instead, so it was a nice to be able to just sit down and enjoy some great light reading for a change.

This title revolves around a set of very likable characters, who each drew me into their world from the start. I found that I could relate to each characters state of mind and position which they played in the story-line.

The two main characters are Lou and Will.

(Spoiler Alert)

Lou Clark loses her job at the Buttered Bun Café as it closes down. She doesn't have many other options open to her as she isn't qualified for much and after trying out a couple of odd jobs, she takes on the opportunity to become Will's carer.

Will has been in a freak accident that has left him as a quadriplegic. Before his accident he led an active lifestyle and now he is stuck in a life that requires constant care and help for the smallest mundane tasks. 
He refuses to live this way and chooses to be euthanased in Switzerland after he has given his mother 6 months more of his life.

Lou overhears of Will's plans in Switzerland and is determined to change his mind, ultimately falling in love with him and unfortunately having to come to terms with the fact that Will plans to go ahead with his original plan.

Lou as a character was believable to a point, there were times where she could have been portrayed in a different way. Considering that she was more or less the bread winner for her family, it didn't seem to phase her as much as it would have bothered me to have the burden of getting 5 adults and 1 child through day-to-day life. As much as this aspect of her life was included in the title, I didn't find that it was necessary to the story-line on the whole. 

Most adults upon losing their employment tend to have a certain urgency to find another job, so I did find her family situation to be superfluous, and a bit irritating if I am being totally honest.

Of all her family members, I think her sister annoyed me the most.

I found the idea of her sister, having a child, and then still living off her parents and sister, without having the slightest inclination to help out financially, starting to grate my nerves. There are such things as "Learning on the Job", "Night School", and "Correspondence studies" whilst earning an income and raising a child.

Will's character did get me thinking....

How would I react to losing the use of all of my limbs?
Would I move forward or be stuck in the past?

Overall, the story touched on a sensitive subject and it was good to mull over my feelings on the topic of Euthanasia and to understand why it could be a choice for people in dire life situations; if that would be something I could come to terms with if I had to be faced with it as a choice, or someone I loved chose it for themselves.

Moyes' writing ability had me the story line and the characters.

Throughout the book I found myself holding on to the hope that it would have a happy end.

If you are looking for an easy, moving title to read, then I would warmly recommend this book.

I award this book:

4 Owls

Thank you to SocialBookCo for this opportunity!

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