Monday 30 October 2017

Upcoming Sewing Projects

I have been browsing through my pattern books, through the internet and collecting all my supplies to put together a couple of sewing projects that I would like to attempt before the end of the year.

These are the projects I have come up with so far:

Magic Pattern book abigail


These two combos will be used to make Abigail tunics (The Magic Pattern Book) and a Liv Tops (Pattydoo)

I plan on making hubby a couple of raglan shirts from the Tom Pattern (Pattydoo)

pattydoo tom

yoga pants

With this jersey fabric I plan on sewing myself some new yoga pants.


I am considering making a blouse or a flowing tunic with this Voile.  


With this jersey I would like to make a top or a dress.

boxer shorts

And with this stretchy jersey I would like to try my hand at some boxers - this will be a serger project.

I guess I will start with the projects that I know I definitely want to make and continue on my search for the perfect tunic/dress/top for the other fabrics.

I will let you know what I come up with.

If you have any ideas for me, please do share them below :)


Friday 27 October 2017

FO - Chakra Bracelets for the Family

chakra bracelets
The internet and social media has been swamped with these chakra bracelets lately!

You know the one......Lava beads used to diffuse aromatherapy oils.....

Well, I liked the idea (except for the aromatherapy oil detail - not so sure I would want to put those drops on my skin!) and as I had quite a few semi-precious beads at home already, I needed to purchase some of the lava beads and get busy :)

I added a few more beads than necessary for the chakras, I just couldn't decide which ones I felt were more relevant, and I included our individual star-sign stones along the way!

Stones I included:

Sun Stone
Yellow agate
Lapis Lazuli
Moon Stone

It was quite a fun project and I look forward to beading again soon.


Friday 20 October 2017

FO - Incremental Scarf


incremental scarf sidispinnt

This is my latest FO:

It is my Incremental Shawl, and I love it :)

I originally bought this yarn as a kit for one of Sidi's own creations, but could not get the pattern to do as it should have, and so I left the yarn in the naughty corner for a while until I stumbled upon the Incremental Shawl by Flock Fibre Studio.

Yarn: Sidi spinnt Merino singles
Needle: 4.0mm

Now onto another cardie perhaps?

Or just another pair of socks......

What have you been up to lately?


Monday 16 October 2017

My Weaving World Ep.3, Samples

weaving samples

When I weave I always include enough warp to make a sample of the project.
I may never use the same threads as a warp and weft together, but I never know, and so by making a sample I have a future reference of how the threads worked together, the amount of shrinkage they had etc.

To make the sample I weave about 30cm and I then cut the sample off the loom and reattach my warp (I will show you this process in the next Podcast)

I then cut this piece, lengthwise, in half, so that it gives me two almost identical sized pieces. 

I finish each piece off by zigzagging the cut edges (stitch length 2, width 4) and then I wash one piece and record the details of pre-wash and post wash size onto paper which I staple onto the pieces.

weaving samples

I then keep the unwashed and washed sample together for future reference.
In the folder I will also note how I washed them and any other relevant information.

Here is this month's Podcast for your viewing pleasure:


fall weave along

Fall Weave-along:

I hope you will consider joining me in the fall/autumn weave-along.

Take a photo and be inspired :)

Share your projects with me on Instagram with the Hashtag:


You can find me on Instagram as @marigoldsloft

I can't wait to watch your projects grow :)

To use your photo to create a palette, you can use the palette tool on the following free websites:

Projects from Podcast:

sofa covers
Couch/Sofa covers

Warp: Cotton Mercerized 8/2
Weft: Cotton Mercerized 8/2
Loom: Lilla
Technique: Tabby Weave

silk/merino scarf

tussah/merino scarf

tussah/merino scarf

Scarves for the family:

Warp: Tussah Silk 20/2
Weft: Merino 30/2
Loom: Arm, Patronic
Technique: 8-Point Twill

merino twill scarf

merino scarf

Ombré Scarf

Warp: Merino 30/2
Weft: Merino 30/2
Loom: Lilla
Technique: 8-Point Twill

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. 
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope to see you again next month :)