Monday 16 October 2017

My Weaving World Ep.3, Samples

weaving samples

When I weave I always include enough warp to make a sample of the project.
I may never use the same threads as a warp and weft together, but I never know, and so by making a sample I have a future reference of how the threads worked together, the amount of shrinkage they had etc.

To make the sample I weave about 30cm and I then cut the sample off the loom and reattach my warp (I will show you this process in the next Podcast)

I then cut this piece, lengthwise, in half, so that it gives me two almost identical sized pieces. 

I finish each piece off by zigzagging the cut edges (stitch length 2, width 4) and then I wash one piece and record the details of pre-wash and post wash size onto paper which I staple onto the pieces.

weaving samples

I then keep the unwashed and washed sample together for future reference.
In the folder I will also note how I washed them and any other relevant information.

Here is this month's Podcast for your viewing pleasure:


fall weave along

Fall Weave-along:

I hope you will consider joining me in the fall/autumn weave-along.

Take a photo and be inspired :)

Share your projects with me on Instagram with the Hashtag:


You can find me on Instagram as @marigoldsloft

I can't wait to watch your projects grow :)

To use your photo to create a palette, you can use the palette tool on the following free websites:

Projects from Podcast:

sofa covers
Couch/Sofa covers

Warp: Cotton Mercerized 8/2
Weft: Cotton Mercerized 8/2
Loom: Lilla
Technique: Tabby Weave

silk/merino scarf

tussah/merino scarf

tussah/merino scarf

Scarves for the family:

Warp: Tussah Silk 20/2
Weft: Merino 30/2
Loom: Arm, Patronic
Technique: 8-Point Twill

merino twill scarf

merino scarf

Ombré Scarf

Warp: Merino 30/2
Weft: Merino 30/2
Loom: Lilla
Technique: 8-Point Twill

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. 
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope to see you again next month :)

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  1. Another fun and enjoyable podcast! I am quite impressed with your sampling. I hardly ever sample, mostly because it does use quite a bit of yarn. You have some beautiful weaving there.


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