Saturday 31 March 2012

Hunger Games Poll Finished

If you only saw the poll recently and had wanted to take part, I apologize that it is already closed. 

Unfortunately, the poll wasn't as much success as I had hoped and the 11 people that voted - Thank you to you :-D - does not seem to give a real representation of the amount of people out there that I presume to be reading the one or the other books of this trilogy right now.

Let us take a look at the finished Poll though -

54% of you who voted have read all the books
45% of you are busy with the Hunger Games
18% of you are busy reading Catching Fire
9% of you are busy with Mockingjay

Still not bad, it does go to show that if you have started with this Trilogy, you more than likely will go on to read all of them!! (I know I am doing that :-D)

Thanks again for your Votes!

If you would like to leave a comment on which books you are reading or have read, I would really love to hear from you below. 

Hope you are all having a blessed weekend.


Thursday 29 March 2012

Kitchen Krafts - Sprouting

Growing Sprouts

Sprouts are finding their place in our world today as a new source of vitamins and minerals, which our full grown veggies no longer offer us in this day and age.

Here is a How-To-Guide so that you too can start to enjoying these refreshing, nourishing little bundles of wholesome nourishment.

Things you need to know about growing sprouts:
  • Most sprouts need to be rinsed twice daily.
  • Some sprouts can become quite slimy, rinsing them thoroughly will help with this, keep this in mind when making mixes, if I make mixes I grow all seeds separately and combine them when they are ready.
  • Sprouts do not like direct sunlight, but they do need air, so keep them in a container that is covered with a piece of gauze as this will help you rinse them easily, but keep them in the container.

You will need:
Seeds to sprout
Container to grow them in (either a glass jar or a container made to grow sprouts)
Gauze if you are using a bottle

Place a Tablespoon of seeds into a glass filled with filtered/spring water overnight to soak.

In the morning place your seeds in their container. They need to be damp but not wet.
If you are using a bottle, when you rinse the sprouts, allow the bottle to stand upside down for a while to aerate the seeds properly.
Depending on the seeds you chose, they should start to sprout within 2 – 3 days after starting.

Alfalfa seeds after 2 days. These will be ready to eat one or two days later.
Radish seeds after 2 days. These will need another 2 – 3 days before they are ready to consume.
If you find you make a whole batch of sprouts and can’t eat them all before they are plants, take them out of their container and place them in a tupperware container and pop them in the fridge. This way you can keep them about a week longer.
It is obviously better to eat them fresh so in this case less is definitely better, rather make no more than a tablespoon of seed at any given time. You can start a new batch of sprouts every 2 – 3 days and this way you will always have sprouts to snack on.

My girls love to eat the sprouts and always stare longingly at the containers till they are ready. I also love to add them to sandwiches, soups, stews……anything really, but if I am adding them to a cooked meal I generally add them right at the end, just before I dish up, otherwise you will lose all their properties before they get to the table.

I hope I have enticed you to start your sprouting experience as it is a really healthy snack for in-between.

What is your recipe, tip or trick from your kitchen this week? Share it below, and leave a comment. It would be wonderful if you could visit one or two of the other posted links as it is always nice to have someone come and see all your efforts.

 Please be sure to link back to this site. If you would like to use this image please feel free to save it and post it on your blog or website.
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Wednesday 28 March 2012

WIP Wednesday / Yarn Along

This week, I have not done too much in the way of knitting. I finished the other pair of wrist warmers for my friend's birthday, the photos didn't come very well though. Sorry about that. I managed to finish them late on Sunday evening and blocked them and had to wrap them so that hubby could drop them off on his way on Monday, so I ended up taking the photos before the crack of dawn :-(
I know that you can't see the pattern, but it was really cute when it was done. Unfortunately, she needed black wrist warmers for work, so this makes it very hard to see. This is the pattern I followed. I did modify it slightly though, and didn't make the full length.
On my needles now: Lunatis Folium This is such a beautiful shawl and I hope I will be able to do it justice. I am making it for the gentle, sweet, old lady who lives next door and is always spoiling us!
I must admit though, this shawl is taking quite a bit of concentration. I find that as soon as I think I have got the pattern, my mind starts to think of something else, I look at the WIP and can't remember where I was :-( URGH!!
I started it on Monday, had to rip it out yesterday, coz I was way out on the pattern, and have re-cast on the 387 stitches, but that was as much as I could get through yesterday. I will probably be picking it up again a little later in the hope that my mind is clear enough to get through the pattern rows in one piece! 

On the Ereader: Catching Fire - Loving this book as much as the Hunger Games. I went past the library here yesterday and they had just got the first copy of the german translation of the book in on Monday, so I grabbed it for hubby who started it yesterday and also can't put it down! :-D
Amazingly though, the Trilogy, or any of the books for that matter, aren't THAT big in the german world, that could still change I guess. People I have spoken to haven't even heard of them yet!

As a reminder: There is only one more day left to take part in my poll to see just how many people are busy with one of these books right now. If you wan't to take part, the poll is on the top of the right-side bar. I am grateful if you do, as so far it looks like 7 people have read one of the books in the wide, wide web world, seem, not really!

As always I will be sharing my work with the wonderfully talented people from all over the globe at:

Saturday 24 March 2012

Hunger Games Poll - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Day Left

3, 2, Last Day Roughly 10 hours Left - Have you taken part?

This is a call to all of you out there reading one or other of the Hunger Games Trilogy!

Over the last couple of days, I have noticed through my travels through the web that every second person is reading one or the other of Suzanne Collins Hunger Games Trilogy, this includes myself :-D

I thought it would be really interesting to start a poll and find out roughly how many people are reading one of these books right now. With this in mind, I started a poll that will run for 7 days, ending on the 29th March 2012. Please take a moment and cast your vote/choice in the upper right side bar. You may choose more than one option if you would like to. You don't have to sign in to anything to take part, just cast your vote/choice. 

Your choices are as follows:

I have read / I am reading the Hunger Games
I have read / I am reading Catching Fire
I have read / I am reading Mockingjay
I have read all of the Hunger Games Trilogy Books.

Thanks so much for taking part!

Baby Lambs :-D

Last night one of my father-in-laws ewes gave birth to twins. Kay was beside herself with joy and was allowed to help the lamb take its first sweet! She was allowed to name them, so the two new editions to the barn are now named Bibi and Beno :-D

Friday 23 March 2012

FO Friday / Creative Friday - Interesting Poll

Wow, these Fridays seem to almost run past me. I realised last night that I didn't have a finished FO for today, probably because I am now totally engrossed in The Hunger Games :-D Anyway, I hurried through my housework this morning and finished up another pair of the wrist warmers that I showed you all on Wednesday. This is a pair for my friend who has birthday on Monday. I want to knit her another pair (different kind) so will show you the other pair come Wednesday.

Anyway, those of you who popped by yesterday will have noticed that I have started a Poll for the Hunger Games (in the right Side Bar at the top.) I started the poll because I found that sooooooo many people are reading one or another of the Hunger Games Trilogy books at the moment, that I thought it would be really interesting to see HOW many that might be. If you are reading one of the books, please be so kind as to make one or more choices in the poll, that would be very kind. The poll ends next Thursday (29th March 2012)

You have the choices between: (you can make more than one choice)

I have read / am reading the Hunger Games
I have read / am reading Catching Fire
I have read / am reading Mockingjay
I have read all of the Hunger Games Trilogy books

I have updated my Yarn Jar. It now looks like this:
You can find my jar in the right side bar!

Anyway, I wish you a fabulous, warm and wonderful weekend.
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Thursday 22 March 2012

Kitchen Krafts and Hunger Games

Unfortunately with all the unpacking and arranging this week, I have not had the time to put together a new Kitchen Kraft for this week. Keeping with the feeling of Spring and as Easter is still ahead, I am going to share with you a post I blogged last year on how to make Egg Candles. To get to this post please click on the image.

Please feel free to share your tips and tricks in the kitchen or the household here. Maybe you have a time tried recipe that saves time, money, or is just too good not to share?

You may use the image below on your site. Be sure to link back here and please visit other links below. 

Over the past couple of days I have noticed that so many people are busy with, or have recently finished one or the other of the Hunger Games Trilogy Books. Are you one of them? I thought it would be interesting to see exactly how many people at this moment in time are actually reading the series.

To take part in this poll, please choose one or more (if they apply) of the answers at the top of the right side bar. The poll closes on the 29th March 2012.

The choices are as follows:

I have read / I am reading the Hunger Games

I have read / I am reading Catching Fire

I have read / I am reading Mockingjay
I have read all of the Hunger Games Trilogy Books

Thanks for taking part in the fun :-D

 Happy Reading :-)

Wednesday 21 March 2012

WIP Wednesday / Yarn Along

Not very much to blog about today, have been really busy with the unpacking and stuff. I did finish these wrist warmers for Kay. I used some of my stash that I had over from the Maluka Shawl. I have a friend who has birthday shortly and she is always complaining of cold hands and wrists so I think I will make her a couple of them as well.
I am reading the Hunger Games and so far am enjoying it.....starts to sound a bit like a gruesome take on Survivor to me right now!

Well hope you all have a wonderful, springy Wednesday.

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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Blessed Spring Equinox One all.....

For those of you celebrating Ostara today, I hope you are having a blessed one.

Kay brought us an Ostara visitor from my Sister-in-laws little farm - Isn't he adorable? And so soft......His name is Eragon!
Here is a picture of my garden, not much done yet, but the compost is on top and waiting to be worked into the ground:-D
Yesterday in the afternoon our long awaited boxes finally arrived. Once we had dragged all 33 of them up into the apartment we could barely move.
Luckily we had already eaten :)

Today we worked really hard to unpack everything and managed! :-D
I have also managed to start decorating with all my goodies. Need to buy some nails tomorrow to put up the rest of the decor. Will show you when it is done.
And lastly I wanted to share dusk with you today......

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