Friday 23 March 2012

FO Friday / Creative Friday - Interesting Poll

Wow, these Fridays seem to almost run past me. I realised last night that I didn't have a finished FO for today, probably because I am now totally engrossed in The Hunger Games :-D Anyway, I hurried through my housework this morning and finished up another pair of the wrist warmers that I showed you all on Wednesday. This is a pair for my friend who has birthday on Monday. I want to knit her another pair (different kind) so will show you the other pair come Wednesday.

Anyway, those of you who popped by yesterday will have noticed that I have started a Poll for the Hunger Games (in the right Side Bar at the top.) I started the poll because I found that sooooooo many people are reading one or another of the Hunger Games Trilogy books at the moment, that I thought it would be really interesting to see HOW many that might be. If you are reading one of the books, please be so kind as to make one or more choices in the poll, that would be very kind. The poll ends next Thursday (29th March 2012)

You have the choices between: (you can make more than one choice)

I have read / am reading the Hunger Games
I have read / am reading Catching Fire
I have read / am reading Mockingjay
I have read all of the Hunger Games Trilogy books

I have updated my Yarn Jar. It now looks like this:
You can find my jar in the right side bar!

Anyway, I wish you a fabulous, warm and wonderful weekend.
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  1. Your wrist warmers are so beautiful Nat!

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much.

      Thanks for your visit

      Have a great weekend.


  2. Love the color....looks very fall like to me. I'm sooooooooo out of the loop about all this hunger games business, just learned a few days ago it's a movie. I afforded all The Harry Potter books and movie cause the hype, looks like this will fall into the same category. I'm soooooooo anti hype, and almost always find the hype make the whatever it is over rated. But, I'm apparently out numbered, lol. Could be an age thing too.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      I must agree, I thought this was one of those hypey kinda things. I too am not really the person who will read a book just because someone said it was good. Because lets face it, generally if this is the case the books suck big time - well that has generally been my experience. I had the Hunger Games on my ereader for a while, the cover looked interesting and so I grabbed a copy, but didn't read it for a while because I was reading this and that. Then I started to see the people reading the books and remembered I had it on the ereader, so I started to read.....and have been completely sucked in. It is not bloody and gory, but extremely enthralling. Last night I picked it up at page 99 and forced myself to put it down at page 176 because I needed to go to sleep!

      I am 38 btw, so I don't know if that helps?
      By the by, also read all the HP's, the movies aren't really my thing though, did enjoy the books!

      Thanks for your visit.

      Have a great weekend :-D


  3. Lovely yarn for those wrist warmers - I can imagine them dressed up or dressed down!

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks. It is also quite interesting how the two different yarns (the red one I used for Wednesday WIP) and this yarn make the wrist warmers look completely different, even though it is the exact same pattern.

      Thanks for the visit
      Have a good weekend


  4. Love the wrist warmers, they look so snuggly! I voted too :)

    1. Hi Andria,

      Thanks so much for the far it looks like 5 people in the world wide web have read the books LOL! I finished Hunger Games yesterday and am now on Book 2 :-D

      Have a great weekend


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