Tuesday 20 March 2012

Blessed Spring Equinox One all.....

For those of you celebrating Ostara today, I hope you are having a blessed one.

Kay brought us an Ostara visitor from my Sister-in-laws little farm - Isn't he adorable? And so soft......His name is Eragon!
Here is a picture of my garden, not much done yet, but the compost is on top and waiting to be worked into the ground:-D
Yesterday in the afternoon our long awaited boxes finally arrived. Once we had dragged all 33 of them up into the apartment we could barely move.
Luckily we had already eaten :)

Today we worked really hard to unpack everything and managed! :-D
I have also managed to start decorating with all my goodies. Need to buy some nails tomorrow to put up the rest of the decor. Will show you when it is done.
And lastly I wanted to share dusk with you today......

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