Saturday 31 March 2012

Hunger Games Poll Finished

If you only saw the poll recently and had wanted to take part, I apologize that it is already closed. 

Unfortunately, the poll wasn't as much success as I had hoped and the 11 people that voted - Thank you to you :-D - does not seem to give a real representation of the amount of people out there that I presume to be reading the one or the other books of this trilogy right now.

Let us take a look at the finished Poll though -

54% of you who voted have read all the books
45% of you are busy with the Hunger Games
18% of you are busy reading Catching Fire
9% of you are busy with Mockingjay

Still not bad, it does go to show that if you have started with this Trilogy, you more than likely will go on to read all of them!! (I know I am doing that :-D)

Thanks again for your Votes!

If you would like to leave a comment on which books you are reading or have read, I would really love to hear from you below. 

Hope you are all having a blessed weekend.


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