Saturday 30 July 2011

New Product Available - Chai Tea

I think there is nothing more warming and comforting on a cold winters day, although I will make any excuse to drink a cup of Chai tea.

I have added a nice selection of herbs to make my Chai tea wonderfully spiced.

How to make: Add 1 teaspoon of tea per cup to cold water. Bring water and herbs to the boil and allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to draw for a further 5-8 minutes. Strain and add honey if desired.

For an extra Indulgence: Add 2 heaped teaspoons of Condensed Milk to each cup of tea.

Ingredients: Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Elettaria cardamomum, Piper nigrum, Syzygium aromaticum, Foeniculum vulgare, Camellia sinensis, Zingiber 

If you would like to purchase a bag please click the link below:

Thursday 28 July 2011

New Product Available

Sleep-Ezi Tea / Hot Chocolate Night-time drink 60g

This is a wonderful calming and relaxing tea, helping you to have many hours of undisturbed slumber. 

To Make: 1 tsp per cup, add boiled water and allow to stand. Add honey as desired.

For an extra bit of Indulgence: Add to milk, warm and allow to draw for about 5 minutes. Strain, add a couple of houses of your favourite chocolate to the warm milk, stir and enjoy.

Includes the herbs: Valerian, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Orange Blossoms, Lavender

Warning: Can result in drowsiness. Do not drive or operate of heavy machinery after drinking.

Visit My Etsy Store for more....

Dates to Diarize

Dates to Diarize

Things happening in the month of August:

12th August – Meditation Group
22nd August – Pros and Cons of Vaccines
26th August – Meditation Group
30th August - Blog Competition ends

Swedish Bitters

The first time I drank some swedish bitters was about 12 years ago, I had gastro and my mom-in-law told me it would sort me out, well it did. Now I always have a constant supply of it in my natural pharmacy at home and it gets used internally and externally on a regular basis.

I want to just list some of the things it works to heal and help:
“some information from Health through Gods’ Pharmacy by Maria Treben”

-         Toothache
-         Helps with memory
-         Mouth ulcers
-         Sore throats
-         Stomach Cramps
-         Constipation
-         Gallbladder colic
-         Earache / Tinnitus
-         Period Pain
-         Helps to bring on birth contractions
-         Helps with milk production
-         Worms
-         Jaundice
-         Depression
-         Kidneys
-         Wounds of all kinds
-         Burns
-         Blisters
-         Helps enhance the appetite
-         Rheumatic problems
-         Animal bites
-         Sleeplessness

I have taken the bitters as a tonic, 3 weeks on 3 weeks off, 1 tablespoon in the mornings diluted in water. I definitely noticed a difference in  the way I felt, I have more energy, don’t get sick as often and am in a general good mood, where not too many things throw me. I am much calmer.

I have seen the bitters heal sheep hooves and legs, as well as bed sores and any other types of wounds.

I always make my own bitters and have a 1½ litre reserve at any given time as you may never know when you need it. For more info contact me.

Book Review

Title: Mutant Message Down Under
Author: Marlo Morgan
ISBN: 9781855384842 

I love this book, this was my second time reading it and it was just as interesting as it was reading it the first time round ten years ago.

The book follows the author on a spontaneous Walkabout with the Australian Aborigines who teach us the real value of life, without all the material conetations which we attach to this life on this wonderful planet of ours.

A definite Bookshelf book as it is one that I have loved and am sure my girls will want to read as they get older.

You can get this book at a really good price through Book Depository (I love their store……no shipping worldwide, this means a lot to us South Africans who sometimes pay more for the shipping than for the books we buy!!). Click on the books image above or the link below to find out more.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

My Path with the Law of Attraction – Part 1

Just before I returned to South Africa at the end of 2006, The Secret had just been released and you could watch bits of it on the web. I remember watching it and thinking how amazing the info was. I recorded the bits I got on my Mini disc and listened to it and got my hubby to listen to it. It was extremely motivating.

About half a year later the Secret reached South Africa and I grabbed my copies of the DVD and CDs. The difficulties I found with the Secret were that I would be motivated for about a month and give it my all completely, but after a month I would slide back into the routine of my old life.

Us humans are rather strange creatures and so routine-based, so breaking out of these awfully regular thinking habits and ways of doing things did prove harder than I originally thought it would be. But lets’ face it, if the Secret was that easy to achieve, we would already be living in Utopia would we not?

What I found the most difficult was conjuring up the emotion of wanting the things on my vision board. I have never really related to money on an emotional level and found it difficult to envision money coming to me in any form.

Over the years I have come to understand that although I might not relate to money persay, I can relate to experiences. So I changed the “Money Value” I wanted into things I want to experience for myself and my family. So instead of saying I want R100 000 of unexpected income in a given time, I would start to list the experiences I wanted to have, holidays, new cars, courses, books etc. as these are things that I can relate to.

I have started to refine the way I use this natural law over the years and have subsequently read many books on the subject. I have found it interesting that each book I picked up on the subject tended to have the same underlying message but approached the ways of using it from different angles.

I am a terribly impulsive and impatient person and tend to like to be in control – I am getting better as I get older, I don’t know if I am mellowing with age or if it is all starting to make sense, but whatever the case I am getting there. Anyways, I would be ok with giving my wishes and wants to the Universe for all of 5 minutes. I would say “I really would like to have this book delivered to me, thankyou”. The next day I would kind of say to myself, this isn’t working, you know what I’ll just order the book from Book Depository it won’t be too expensive. So I would give the control to the Universe but then grab it back because - my Human Flaw – I think I can do it better!!

The book that really has helped me to give the things I want up to the Universe was the book “A Little Light on Spiritual Laws” by Diana Cooper. Inside she has the example where she says that if we plant a seedling and give it water, we don’t continually go and rip it out of the earth to check if it has grown any more roots do we? No we leave it to grow, give it water, sunlight and love and know that nature will take care of the rest. Thanks to this little insight I am now more able to give up the control and know that if it is for the greater good all the things I want will come my way……..

In Part 2 I will talk about Feeling the Emotion. Make sure you subscribe to my Blog to keep yourself informed when the next part is posted.

Online Esoteric Book Club

I have wanted to put a online esoteric book club together for the longest time. This club aims at reading books that are spiritually enlightening, although they do not have to be factual. There are many fictional books out there these days with very big spiritual messages woven into the thread of the story.

This group will be open to people all over the world and will work through a mailing list. Firstly, we will collectively choose a book that we all want to read (through a poll selection) and then after purchasing the Book will start to discuss it online chapter for chapter.

If you are interested in taking part, please leave your comment and email me your details (Name, Email contact and the titles of 3 - 5 books that you would like to read) so that I can let you know all the details of joining the club. 

Wednesday 27 July 2011

WIN, WIN, WIN - Competition for the Month of August 2011

Dear readers, I am having a competition from now until the end of August 2011. 

What you can win? The winner will win themselves a pack of my Sleep-Ezi Herbal tea / Hot Chocolate.

How can you win? 

  1. Either Subscribe to my blog or become a member of my blog 
  2. and tweet this post
The winner of all the new subscribers and members will be announced on the 31st August.

Good Luck to you all!

Natural Suburbia: ***Sending Love Heart Swap***

Connect across the Globe - Join the Heart Swap!!
Natural Suburbia: ***Sending Love Heart Swap***: "Hello dear friends, I felt it was time for another heart swap, the last one was amazing. People connected and formed friendships across th..."

How to Make Egg Candles this Imbolc

Imbolc is definitely the time of the year where we like to make candles. After all it is Candlemas and the kids absolutely love this activity.

I have put together a tutorial to help you on your way this Sabbat.

Well to begin making egg candles you will need the most obvious thing – Eggs J

I like to use anything from large to extra large eggs as this will give you a decent sized candle.

You will need:

Wax colouring (I use wax crayons)
A tin to melt your wax in
A skewer or old spoon to stir the wax
A jug to pour the wax with – this jug will possibly be ruined after this exercise, so use one that doesn’t have sentimental value
Candle fragrance
Prestik (putty)
Eggs (as many as you would like to produce candles out of)
A nail to make the holes in the eggs
Egg cartons (ideally I use one to stand the candles in whilst working and one to present the finished candles)
  • Make two holes, one on either end of your eggs and blow out the egg. Rinse the eggs and allow to dry. Make spanish omlette with the eggs that you have blown out (see my recipe section for this delicious, hearty meal).
  • The bottom hole should be as small as you can manage it and cut the top hole a little bigger as it needs to be big enough to pour the wax into afterwards.

  • If you have waxed wick then thread this through your bottom hole and through the top hole, cutting it to the desired length.
  • If you cannot find waxed wick, allow the wax to melt and run your wick through it, removing any excess wax and straighten.
  • Using the Prestik, or putty, cover the bottom hole and wick so that no wax can escape.

  • Stand your eggs in a egg box, ready for pouring the wax.

  • Melt the wax until completely liquid – I melt my wax in an old cookie tin that I place in a pot of hot water, colour the wax (I use wax crayons, it gives you a whole new palette of colours J) and add your fragrance.

  • Pour your wax into the jug and slowly pour the wax into each egg.

  • Allow to set and cool.
  • As the candle cools down completely it will contract causing a hole in the candle itself. Warm up some more wax and fill in the holes.

  •          Whilst you are waiting for your candles to cool, decorate the egg box that will be used to display them in (another thing my girls love to do…)

  •        Once the candles are completely cold and filled, break away the shells of the eggs exposing the candles beneath them.

When finished, place in your decorative box and when ready light :-)

Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Spanish Omlette

This is a great, family recipe - Spanish Omlette

You will need:

2-3 eggs per person
An array of different sliced veg: carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, baby marrows
Some crushed Garlic
1 Tbsp fizzy spring water
Salt and pepper to taste
Vegetable oil

  1. Start by taking a handful of your sliced veg and adding them to a frying pan with some oil and brown slightly.
  2. While your veg are frying, beat your eggs, add the salt, pepper and garlic.
  3. When your veg are brown, add your water to your eggs and stir slowly, this will make them nice and fluffy.
  4. Pour your eggs into the pan and allow to cook. Flip over, cook the other side and Viola a quick and easy meal that is filling, healthy and delicious!!
I will post a picture when I have one!

Monday 25 July 2011

Oh Boy Winter's on the way back.....

After a gorgeous couple of days averaging 22 degrees Celsius I thought the worst of our winter was over. Well, just informed myself that there is a cold front on its' way over to our side of the continent promising snow :-O Bring back the hot water bottles and beanies!!!!

On a fabtabulous note I have had my first Etsy Sale WOAH!!!! Thank you so much for the support. Hope more people will want to venture out and try my healthy, herbal alternative to table salt. Have a gander here

Will have some nice goodies to share with you later in the week if you are preparing for Imbolc, in the Southern Hemisphere, so follow my blog to keep yourself updated.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Opened my Etsy Shop - YAY!!

Well, eventually opened up my Etsy shop, I can't wait to offer all of you my own creations of teas, salts, dream-catchers and pewter crafts. For now I have loaded my herbal salt. It is really good for you and a healthy alternative to the usual table salt varieties. I have added herbs that aid in detoxing and washing out toxins while giving the salt an amazing taste. Made from a combination of Himalayan Crystal Salt and Non-Iodized Sea salt, you will be doing your body a favour...

Himalayan Crystal/Rock salt benefits include:

  • It helps in digestion and facilitates better absorption of nutrients by the walls of the intestines.
  • It improves functions of the respiratory system and cures sinus problems by promoting overall health of the sinus.
  • Balance Body PH factor. The sole helps in maintaining a balanced ph factor for the body. It can help in eliminating heavy metals in the body. Some of these metals are lead, arsenic, mercury and calcium. The salt has the ability to dissolve their molecular structures.
  • As compared to normal salt, it is reported that those who consume Himalayan salt are at a lower risk of developing kidney or gall bladder stones as compared to those who use common salt.
  • Other than these specific Himalayan salt benefits, the mineral repository also promotes healthy sleep patterns, reduces muscle cramps, creates a healthy libido, improves health of the vascular system and also maintains optimum blood sugar levels.

Will keep you updated.

Monday 11 July 2011

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is perhaps the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition – That is probably because no health industry is interested in promoting it as it is still FREE!!!
Vitamin D is probably most known as the Sunshine Vitamin, as it is a well-known fact that our body is able to synthesize the Vitamin D that our bodies need through the Ultra-violet rays of the sunlight. Those people living closer to the poles tend to show more vitamin D deficiencies than those of us lucky enough to live closer to the equator.
Sunscreens with a sun protection factor of 8 or greater will block UV rays that produce vitamin D, but it is still important to routinely use sunscreen whenever sun exposure is longer than 10 to 15 minutes. It is especially important for individuals with limited sun exposure to include good sources of vitamin D in their diet.
The Daily Telegraph has reported that “vitamin D 'triggers and arms' the immune system”. It said that researchers believe that vitamin D plays a key role in boosting the immune system.
The study looked at human T cells in the laboratory, and found that vitamin D was part of a complex process in which T cells become 'primed' and help to fight infection.  This would explain why most of us tend to come down with some kind of cold and flu infection through the colder months.
Rickets and osteomalacia are two terms for the disorder caused by a lack of Vitamin D. These both are the results of either inadequate sunlight exposure or intake of Vitamin D. The major biological function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. This lack of Vitamin D can in turn make it impossible for the body to absorb calcium (important for strong bones and teeth, maintenance of regular heartbeat, transmission of nerve impulse, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and prevents bone loss) and phosphorus (important for blood clotting, bone and tooth formation, normal heart rhythm, kidney function, the bodys’ utilisation of vitamins and the conversion of food to energy)

Consuming too much vitamin D through diet alone is not likely unless you routinely consume large amounts of cod liver oil. It is much more likely to occur from high intakes of vitamin D in supplements. Being a fat-soluable Vitamin, it is very possible to overdoes your daily intake of vitamin D if you are taking it in a tablet form so do not take more than stated as the typical RDA, or ask your health consultant for more advice.

Some facts about Vitamin D:

  • Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, depression, prostate cancer, breast cancer; and deficiencies have also been related to diabetes and obesity.
  • You would have to drink ten tall glasses of vitamin D fortified milk each day just to get minimum levels of vitamin D into your diet.  And, the form of vitamin D commonly found in fortified milk is Vitamin D2 while the ideal form for supplementation is vitamin D3.
  • People with dark-skin pigmentation may need 20-30 times as much exposure to sunlight as fair-skinned people to generate the same amount of vitamin D. This may be why prostate cancer is epidemic among black men.
  • Sufficient levels of vitamin D are crucial for calcium absorption in your intestines. Without sufficient vitamin D, your body cannot absorb calcium, rendering calcium supplements useless.
  • It is impossible to generate too much vitamin D in your body from sunlight exposure: your body will self-regulate and only generate what it needs.
  • If it hurts to press firmly on your sternum, you may be suffering from chronic vitamin-D deficiency right now.
  • Vitamin D is "activated" in your body by your kidneys and liver before it can be used.  Therefore, having kidney disease or liver problems can greatly impair your body's ability to activate circulating vitamin D.
  • Even weak sunscreens (SPF=8) block your body's ability to generate vitamin D by 95%. This is how sunscreen products actually cause disease  by creating a critical vitamin deficiency in the body.
  • The healing rays of natural sunlight (that generate vitamin D in your skin) cannot penetrate glass. So you don't generate vitamin D when sitting in your car or home.
  • People who have tested to have the lowest levels of blood serum vitamin D have been proven to have a significantly increased risk for developing Parkinson’s disease. Those that have high levels of the vitamin demonstrated protection against the disease.
Diseases associated with Vitamin D deficiency:
  • Vitamin D deficiency may exacerbate type 2 diabetes and impair insulin production in the pancreas.
  • Obesity impairs vitamin D utilization in the body, meaning obese people need twice as much vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D is used around the world to treat Psoriasis.
  • Vitamin D deficiency causes schizophrenia.
  • Chronic vitamin D deficiency is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia because its symptoms are so similar: muscle weakness, aches and pains.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by a melatonin imbalance initiated by lack of exposure to sunlight.
  • Cancer, including prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer
  • Osteoporosis - A greater vitamin D intake from diet and supplements has been associated with less bone loss in older women
Sources of Vitamin D:
Fish liver oils, Fatty saltwater fish, salmon, sardines, tuna, oysters, dairy products, eggs, butter, liver, shitake mushrooms, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and vegetable oils.
Herbs and sprouts: Dandelion, alfalfa, horsetail, nettle and parsley, Fenugreek

Website Updated with new info...

My website has been updated with this months info. Go over and have a look, Click HERE

You can also download a copy of this months' Newsletter for your enjoyment HERE

Inside this months' copy:

Dates to Diarise
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Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin
Recipe of the Month

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Thursday 7 July 2011

Quote for the Day.....

Quote for the day: The last one percent most people keep in reserve is the extra percent champions have the courage to burn. – Lance Armstrong

I find this quite appropriate for me today. I obviously understand the stated meaning, but what strikes a chord with me is this: Looking at it in a monetary way, I am definitely one of those folk who when they get to their last couple of cents, I tend to close my fist and feel the need to hold on to that reserve for a rainy day. Ultimately this closed-fistedness creates a fear situation. My attitude sends out these FEAR waves, this energy of “There is not enough”, “I cannot give to others as I won’t have enough for survival”, “I don’t have…..”

Strange how when you start to pay attention to the way you react to circumstance and life, you start to see where great change is needed. I think I am focusing on abundance, but my actions tell me I am living in the “Lack of” Side of the coin. Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery or change I guess, so there is some definite work to be done on my side…..

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