Thursday 28 July 2011

Swedish Bitters

The first time I drank some swedish bitters was about 12 years ago, I had gastro and my mom-in-law told me it would sort me out, well it did. Now I always have a constant supply of it in my natural pharmacy at home and it gets used internally and externally on a regular basis.

I want to just list some of the things it works to heal and help:
“some information from Health through Gods’ Pharmacy by Maria Treben”

-         Toothache
-         Helps with memory
-         Mouth ulcers
-         Sore throats
-         Stomach Cramps
-         Constipation
-         Gallbladder colic
-         Earache / Tinnitus
-         Period Pain
-         Helps to bring on birth contractions
-         Helps with milk production
-         Worms
-         Jaundice
-         Depression
-         Kidneys
-         Wounds of all kinds
-         Burns
-         Blisters
-         Helps enhance the appetite
-         Rheumatic problems
-         Animal bites
-         Sleeplessness

I have taken the bitters as a tonic, 3 weeks on 3 weeks off, 1 tablespoon in the mornings diluted in water. I definitely noticed a difference in  the way I felt, I have more energy, don’t get sick as often and am in a general good mood, where not too many things throw me. I am much calmer.

I have seen the bitters heal sheep hooves and legs, as well as bed sores and any other types of wounds.

I always make my own bitters and have a 1½ litre reserve at any given time as you may never know when you need it. For more info contact me.

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