Wednesday 13 July 2011

Opened my Etsy Shop - YAY!!

Well, eventually opened up my Etsy shop, I can't wait to offer all of you my own creations of teas, salts, dream-catchers and pewter crafts. For now I have loaded my herbal salt. It is really good for you and a healthy alternative to the usual table salt varieties. I have added herbs that aid in detoxing and washing out toxins while giving the salt an amazing taste. Made from a combination of Himalayan Crystal Salt and Non-Iodized Sea salt, you will be doing your body a favour...

Himalayan Crystal/Rock salt benefits include:

  • It helps in digestion and facilitates better absorption of nutrients by the walls of the intestines.
  • It improves functions of the respiratory system and cures sinus problems by promoting overall health of the sinus.
  • Balance Body PH factor. The sole helps in maintaining a balanced ph factor for the body. It can help in eliminating heavy metals in the body. Some of these metals are lead, arsenic, mercury and calcium. The salt has the ability to dissolve their molecular structures.
  • As compared to normal salt, it is reported that those who consume Himalayan salt are at a lower risk of developing kidney or gall bladder stones as compared to those who use common salt.
  • Other than these specific Himalayan salt benefits, the mineral repository also promotes healthy sleep patterns, reduces muscle cramps, creates a healthy libido, improves health of the vascular system and also maintains optimum blood sugar levels.

Will keep you updated.

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