Thursday 7 July 2011

Quote for the Day.....

Quote for the day: The last one percent most people keep in reserve is the extra percent champions have the courage to burn. – Lance Armstrong

I find this quite appropriate for me today. I obviously understand the stated meaning, but what strikes a chord with me is this: Looking at it in a monetary way, I am definitely one of those folk who when they get to their last couple of cents, I tend to close my fist and feel the need to hold on to that reserve for a rainy day. Ultimately this closed-fistedness creates a fear situation. My attitude sends out these FEAR waves, this energy of “There is not enough”, “I cannot give to others as I won’t have enough for survival”, “I don’t have…..”

Strange how when you start to pay attention to the way you react to circumstance and life, you start to see where great change is needed. I think I am focusing on abundance, but my actions tell me I am living in the “Lack of” Side of the coin. Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery or change I guess, so there is some definite work to be done on my side…..

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