Thursday 28 July 2011

My Path with the Law of Attraction – Part 1

Just before I returned to South Africa at the end of 2006, The Secret had just been released and you could watch bits of it on the web. I remember watching it and thinking how amazing the info was. I recorded the bits I got on my Mini disc and listened to it and got my hubby to listen to it. It was extremely motivating.

About half a year later the Secret reached South Africa and I grabbed my copies of the DVD and CDs. The difficulties I found with the Secret were that I would be motivated for about a month and give it my all completely, but after a month I would slide back into the routine of my old life.

Us humans are rather strange creatures and so routine-based, so breaking out of these awfully regular thinking habits and ways of doing things did prove harder than I originally thought it would be. But lets’ face it, if the Secret was that easy to achieve, we would already be living in Utopia would we not?

What I found the most difficult was conjuring up the emotion of wanting the things on my vision board. I have never really related to money on an emotional level and found it difficult to envision money coming to me in any form.

Over the years I have come to understand that although I might not relate to money persay, I can relate to experiences. So I changed the “Money Value” I wanted into things I want to experience for myself and my family. So instead of saying I want R100 000 of unexpected income in a given time, I would start to list the experiences I wanted to have, holidays, new cars, courses, books etc. as these are things that I can relate to.

I have started to refine the way I use this natural law over the years and have subsequently read many books on the subject. I have found it interesting that each book I picked up on the subject tended to have the same underlying message but approached the ways of using it from different angles.

I am a terribly impulsive and impatient person and tend to like to be in control – I am getting better as I get older, I don’t know if I am mellowing with age or if it is all starting to make sense, but whatever the case I am getting there. Anyways, I would be ok with giving my wishes and wants to the Universe for all of 5 minutes. I would say “I really would like to have this book delivered to me, thankyou”. The next day I would kind of say to myself, this isn’t working, you know what I’ll just order the book from Book Depository it won’t be too expensive. So I would give the control to the Universe but then grab it back because - my Human Flaw – I think I can do it better!!

The book that really has helped me to give the things I want up to the Universe was the book “A Little Light on Spiritual Laws” by Diana Cooper. Inside she has the example where she says that if we plant a seedling and give it water, we don’t continually go and rip it out of the earth to check if it has grown any more roots do we? No we leave it to grow, give it water, sunlight and love and know that nature will take care of the rest. Thanks to this little insight I am now more able to give up the control and know that if it is for the greater good all the things I want will come my way……..

In Part 2 I will talk about Feeling the Emotion. Make sure you subscribe to my Blog to keep yourself informed when the next part is posted.

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