Friday 29 November 2013

Last Minute Stash-Busting

capucine for Kay too


capucine 2 tone

Did I mention that I LOVE knitting this pattern?
It is soooo easy, soooooo quick and soooooo much fun!
I will definitely be making more of these caps.
This is my second Capucine I am making for Kay.
I love the colour combo, I think it works really well together.

This cap took me all of 3 1/2 hours to make from beginning to end - how is that for instant gratification?!!

This is another stash-buster weighing in at 116g.

Add that to the total thus far:


So a recap on my stash-busting drawer and projects:

1. Jassy' Jumper - Completed
2. Birthday Gift for my Sister-In-Law - Completed
3. Birthday Scarf for Kayla - Completed
4. Socks for me - Completed
5. Socks for Jas - Completed
6. Socks for Kay - Completed
7. Pullover for Hubby
8. Cleo for me - Completed
9. Scarf for me
10. Fingerless Gloves for hubby - Completed
11. Perfectly Pink Sweater - Completed
12. Cap for Jas - Completed
13. Cap for Kay - Completed
14. Socks for me/KAL - Completed

Next project number 7. - Pullover for Hubby

I will be sharing this post with all my Friday Ladies, as well as Linda for my Stash-Busting :)


I wish you all a great Black Friday, and a great weekend.
Don't Forget the Awesome Craftsy Class Sale up to 66% off from 11/29-12/2!  

All classes $19.99 or less till Monday!!
Now is your chance to grab one of those classes you have been wishing for :)
Online Knitting Class

Thursday 28 November 2013

Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party - Festive Continues

 Wintery Tutorials on Marigold's Loft
As the winter is in full swing this month's linky party's theme has to do with festive/winter.

If you are looking for a feature at the end of December your tutorial needs to be "Festive/Wintery"

I will feature all craft tutorials I find linked below that have to do with the festive season or have a wintery feel to them.

For a Tutorial to be featured it needs to be photo-rich and in a step-by-step format.

Don't forget - If I feature 3 or more of your tutorials you will get yourself a "Featured" Blogger Post (This only applies if you haven't been featured on Marigolds' Loft over the last 4 months)

Of course I look forward to visiting each and every craft and tutorial that I find linked below, so don't stop linking your stuff, I will visit each link I find below! :)

Here are some previous winter tutorials that I have produced in the past.
Matchbox Gift

Festive Storm Lantern DIY

Wintery Door Sign DIY

And now it is your turn.....
Have fun :)

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Warming for Winter

Felting Bag KAL

Winter is most definitely here. We are having temperatures of -4°C today and -6°C yesterday....Brrrrrr

Today I am back to my one project picture again :)
I have finished the Capucine for Kay Too and will be sharing this with you all on Friday.

In the image today you can see the lovely green yarn - this is my KAL project which I am test-knitting so that it is ready for you all to knit come January, should you decide to join in the KAL fun

What is the Mystery KAL going to be?

I will be guiding you through a Felted Bag project - from the beginning to the end. Each week you will get a bit more of the pattern posted here on the blog, plus a video "How-To" tutorial.
I will also show you how to felt your project. This would be a great KAL for all of those of you out there who have wanted to try their hand at felting but not sure how to go about it.

I hope to see you there. For more details go HERE

Reading: I am finished "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" (Book Review to follow soon) and will be starting "The Herbalist" tonight.

Well my lovelies, I must run, I hope you all have a lovey, warm Wednesday, whether that be outside in the sun, or cuddled up in front of the heater :)

Enjoy your Black Friday Sales where-ever you are!
I know what I will be getting my hands on...... - Yip, more than likely another Craftsy Class LOL :D


What sales are you looking forward to getting your hands on the Black Friday?
Not sure?
How about grabbing yourself a Craftsy Course this weekend?
Craftsy has brilliant savings on the craft supplies you want! With up to 80% off yarn and 65% off fabric, get the best prices of the year while you can.

Craftsy has brilliant savings for a limited time only! All their online classes are on sale for $19.99 or less. With classes priced up to 66% off, now is a great time to get the classes you've been eyeing all year! Craftsy classes also make a great gift, so do some holiday shopping for the crafter in your life. 

I will be sharing this post with all my Wednesday ladies :)


Tuesday 26 November 2013

Knitting Madness Mystery New Years KAL

I am letting you in on a little secret :)

There is going to be a Mystery KAL taking place here in January 2014.

What direction will it be going?

I thought I would invite you all to make a felted bag with me!

I know a lot of you out there have not felted anything yet and this would be your opportunity to find out how it is done in step-by-step portions.

Are you game?

Sign ups for this event start today.

To join in this KAL, please join the Knitting Madness Group on Ravelry and leave a comment in the thread "Mystery KAL" letting me know that you will be taking part.

You will be advised on what materials you will need to take part in this KAL in the Ravelry group as well as gain tips and tricks from interacting with other participants and myself there.

You will receive clue one on January 1st 2014 here on the blog, with How-To Video and the intro video chat on Friday 3rd January 2014 :) 

The pattern will be available for free until the end of the KAL.

For More information and/or to sign yourself up for this KAL go HERE


November Linky Party Round Up - Christmas Crafts

Christmas Craft Link Up

Yesterday I shared the Thanksgiving tutorials which I found linked up on this month's Tutorial linky party

Today I want to share with you the great "Christmassy" tutorials that I found linked up throughout the month.

Let us start with the stockings :)

recycled jeans stocking
How to make these Jean Christmas Stockings by recycling your old pairs of pants, was shared by Millie @ 2 Crochet Hooks

snowflake christmas stocking DIY
Another cute Snowflake stocking idea was shared by Jann @ Newton custom Interiors

Onto the ornaments that I found linked:

Katie @ The Crafty Blog Stalker shared her two original ornaments:

Christmas Snowglobe ornament


soda can ornament tutorial

beaded angel tutorial
This sweet beaded angel was shared by Iky @ Caseperlatesta

And for the sweet wee ones :)

diy lace crown
A cute Lace Crown by Joanna @ Be Creative Mommy

And this.... not a tutorial per se, but so cute I had to include it...

free printable - santas letter
A Printable Santa's Letter with envelope from Stephanie @ A Geek In Glasses

Thank you all for your great crafts and tutorials, please feel free to grab your featured button below.

Marigolds' Loft

I hope to see you all again this Thursday for the new Linky Party Theme.
Have a great week.


Monday 25 November 2013

November Linky Round Up - Thanksgiving Crafts

thanksgiving craft round-up
Thank you to all of you who linked up their amazing craft tutorials throughout the month of November.

This month's Linky Party had a theme: Festive

Today and tomorrow I will be featuring all the tutorials I found that fitted wonderfully in that category.

Let us have a look at the wonderful Thanksgiving Crafts that were linked up throughout the month:

Kim @ Made in a Day shared these two awesome table decor crafts

 corrugated Leaf Place Cards DIY

Rustic Turkey Centerpiece

Mandy @ Small Fine Print shared this great Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

paper pumpkin centerpiece

Katie @ The Crafty Blog Stalker also shared two great Thanksgiving / Fall tutorials:

First up, this super fall wreath idea:
As well as this great tutorial to create your own serviette/napkin rings:

Burlap Napkin Holders Tutorial

And to round off the Thanksgiving Tutorials - something yummy :)
Share by Jessica @ Living Chic on the Cheap - Pumpkin Spice French Toast.

Pumpkin Spice French Toast

Thank you ladies for your great tutorials.
Please feel free to grab yourself a featured button below:
Marigolds' Loft

Join me tomorrow for a round up of the great Christmas Craft tutorials that were linked up throughout this month.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday 23 November 2013

Knitting Madness in December

Last night was an awesome Hangout, that I spent with Anne-Pia and Rachel.
We chatted about patterns and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with these wonderful ladies :)

For your convenience - Here last night's Hangout

Websites we mentioned in our chat:

Our next date has been set, and will be happening soon!
Due to the festive season we are having the next Hangout in 2 weeks - YAY!!

Join us on 6th December 2013 at 9:00pm Central European Time (3:00pm EDT) for our next Hangout.

What will we be discussing?
Knitting Apps

Which apps do you recommend for you smartphone?
Which do you think are not worth it?

I hope you will be joining us for this event.

You can add your name to the attendee list HERE
I look forward to meeting you then :)


Friday 22 November 2013

Knitting Madness Hangout Today....

This month's Knitting Madness event will be dedicated to discussing patterns.

Which are your go-to patterns,
Which patterns do you steer away from and why?

If you are interested in taking part in this event, you can :)
Add your name to the attendee list on the Event Page and I will invite you into the chatroom.
If you are wanting to be included in the chat, and are on the attendee list, you will receive an invite from me at 8:30pm (2:30pm EDT) which will get you into the chatroom. 

(Please note there is only space for 10 people and places can not be reserved)

You can also watch the event streamed LIVE below, or the Event page

On the event page you will also be able to take part in a Q and A with those of us in the chatroom.

We would love for you to be there.
Bring your popcorn and refreshments :)

The event will start at 9:00pm Central European Time (3:00pm EDT)

For Q and A

Stash Update November 2013

Hiya Hiya Socks

Fridays.....FO Friday for me this week :)
I have my Hiya Hiya Socks completed and would like to share them with you today.

These socks were a great knit, the pattern was great to knit and kept me rapt to what I was doing lest I make a mistake. They definitely were not mindless TV knitting, but were a super challenge and I love the patterning, so awesome!

Hiya Hiya IV

Heel Pattern

Instep Pattern

As this was a stash-buster, let me update those totals :D

This Pair of socks weighs 71g

Add that to the total thus far:


So a recap on my stash-busting drawer and projects:

1. Jassy' Jumper - Completed
2. Birthday Gift for my Sister-In-Law - Completed
3. Birthday Scarf for Kayla - Completed
4. Socks for me - Completed
5. Socks for Jas - Completed
6. Socks for Kay - Completed
7. Pullover for Hubby
8. Cleo for me - Completed
9. Scarf for me
10. Fingerless Gloves for hubby - Completed
11. Perfectly Pink Sweater - Completed
12. Cap for Jas - Completed
13. Cap for Kay
14. Socks for me/KAL - Completed

Next project number 13. - Cap for Kay

I am making a new Capucine for Kay as her last one got damaged by what I think is paint (I haven't been able to remove the colour anyway) and as she loves this cap it is all the more reason to make a new one in a different colour :) Sure I could dye it, but is that as much fun? Won't help the stash-busting!


Don't forget tonight (or this afternoon - depending on your location) is this month's Knitting Madness Hangout.

knitting madness live hangout

Today we discuss "Patterns"

If you would like to take part in this event I would love to chat with you.
The event will also be streamed live here on the blog as it occurs.
To find out more go HERE

I leave you today with a sneak peek at my Secret Santa Gift to be posted later today:

secret santa

Have a super weekend every one of you, I plan on sitting inside today and enjoying the delicious snowfall, with many cups of tea and homemade Pizza :)


I am sharing this post with my lovely Friday Ladies as well as Linda (for my Stash-busting)

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