Friday 22 November 2013

Stash Update November 2013

Hiya Hiya Socks

Fridays.....FO Friday for me this week :)
I have my Hiya Hiya Socks completed and would like to share them with you today.

These socks were a great knit, the pattern was great to knit and kept me rapt to what I was doing lest I make a mistake. They definitely were not mindless TV knitting, but were a super challenge and I love the patterning, so awesome!

Hiya Hiya IV

Heel Pattern

Instep Pattern

As this was a stash-buster, let me update those totals :D

This Pair of socks weighs 71g

Add that to the total thus far:


So a recap on my stash-busting drawer and projects:

1. Jassy' Jumper - Completed
2. Birthday Gift for my Sister-In-Law - Completed
3. Birthday Scarf for Kayla - Completed
4. Socks for me - Completed
5. Socks for Jas - Completed
6. Socks for Kay - Completed
7. Pullover for Hubby
8. Cleo for me - Completed
9. Scarf for me
10. Fingerless Gloves for hubby - Completed
11. Perfectly Pink Sweater - Completed
12. Cap for Jas - Completed
13. Cap for Kay
14. Socks for me/KAL - Completed

Next project number 13. - Cap for Kay

I am making a new Capucine for Kay as her last one got damaged by what I think is paint (I haven't been able to remove the colour anyway) and as she loves this cap it is all the more reason to make a new one in a different colour :) Sure I could dye it, but is that as much fun? Won't help the stash-busting!


Don't forget tonight (or this afternoon - depending on your location) is this month's Knitting Madness Hangout.

knitting madness live hangout

Today we discuss "Patterns"

If you would like to take part in this event I would love to chat with you.
The event will also be streamed live here on the blog as it occurs.
To find out more go HERE

I leave you today with a sneak peek at my Secret Santa Gift to be posted later today:

secret santa

Have a super weekend every one of you, I plan on sitting inside today and enjoying the delicious snowfall, with many cups of tea and homemade Pizza :)


I am sharing this post with my lovely Friday Ladies as well as Linda (for my Stash-busting)


  1. Lovely socks. They look very cosy.

  2. Love the socks. They look very cosy.

  3. Great sock pattern. Also: interesting hat pattern. This might be something for me! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the socks! I enjoy patterns that keep my attention too. The sock knitting goes so much faster. I love the Cappucine Hat! I made my Mrs. Santa hat using that pattern.


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