Saturday 4 May 2013

Pizza Anyone?

Online Quilting Class

Did you know that Craftsy offer amazing FREE Mini-Courses?
When I say free, I mean FREE!!

These Mini-courses are amazing, the classroom videos you receive are of a very high standard, you receive the extensive class material for download, and you have the usual craftsy platform where you can ask questions, and have discussions with colleagues as well as the teachers.

Yesterday and this morning, I have been taking the Perfect Pizza at Home Class on Craftsy.

Oh my!

I made 2 of the "Country Pizza" bases with tomato sauce that I learnt in the course - They were amazing! 

Even as I write this post, I am stuffed and could not have another piece, yet I find myself considering trying to eat another slice just for the taste of it!!

Craftsy Pizza

Craftsy Pizza course

Craftsy Pizza course

I warmly recommend this Short FREE course to any of you who would like to have a great visual on how to make pizza well.

I am actually going to get my teenagers to watch this video in their next holiday and get them to make their own pizza creations to conclude the course!!

 Thank you to Peter Reinhart for the wonderful, friendly, relaxed way he teaches, it was a pleasure to watch, and I found myself watching the next bit, and the next bit - I just couldn't get enough!

I am hooked on Craftsy what can I say!

I have already signed up for my next 2 free Craftsy Mini-Courses (No sleep for me this week I guess LOL)

free short rows knitting class at

Short rows, I can knit short rows, but you are never too old to learn new techniques

craftsy course

Know your wool, because I am hoping to start with my spinning soon, so this would be really helpful!

Which courses are you busy with?

Check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here.


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