Wednesday 22 February 2017

Latest Warps

Here are some of my latest warps that are currently being worked on at the weaving studio.


8/2 Cotton

cottolin rest warp

Cotton 12/2

And lastly, here is a weaving FO which I have finally finished :)

This is a set of table runner, place-mats and kitchen towel.


Saturday 18 February 2017

Spray Dyeing Cloth

Last week I needed to create a birthday gift and so I decided to spray dye a pull tied bag as a WIP bag for socks :)

To dye this bag I needed:

A cotton pull tie bag, washed
Fashion spray - fabric spray dye
a stencil
some cardboard to place inside the bag
a covered surface

spray dye


Place the cardboard inside the bag, and the stencil on top of the bag where you would like to see the pattern on the finished product.

fashion spray marabu

Go wild :)

Allow to dry and then iron underneath a cotton cloth to fix the colours!


Sunday 12 February 2017

Blog Absence

As life is, I am very busy on my homesteading side of life and not so much on the creative side of things over the last while.

Due to this fact, I have not posted here in a very long while, and really do miss you all..

I am not blog-silent, so-to-speak, but am busy on my Homesteading blog at present and this is where I you can find me.

I would love it if you would visit me there if you miss me too :)

You can find me HERE

I hope to be back on this blog shortly with some wonderful new projects :)