Friday 15 November 2013

Creating Christmas Cards and Wrapping the Easy Way

dry embossing

This week I would like to tell you a little about these great additions that you can use with your Ultimate Pro Crafting Case.

These are the Dry Embossing Christmas themed boards from Crafters Companion.

There are two of these boards available, each are double-sided with loads of scoring and designing possibilities.

First we have Angel Wings

Angels wings dry embossing boards

In yesterday's Card tutorial I used this board for the bow which I used on the outside of the card.

Festive tutorials

and the other Festive board is Snowman Delight

Snowman delight dry embossing boards

What is great about these boards is that they not only offer you double the amount of images and themes, but the bigger designs on each board have the fine middle lip in the 3 different sizes, taking the work out of figuring out how to make an awesome looking pop-out card.

Just line your half-fold line up to these lips and score the outline of your card, and cut-away the rest. (I will show you how to do this in the upcoming weeks)

make pop out cards

Each board also comes with an easy way to emboss your envelopes with the same design as your cards. Just place the lip of your envelope into the triangular slot over the image and emboss, nothing could be simpler.

embossing envelopes

The boards can be purchased and used separately without the Ultimate Pro, but if you have the board it makes using these boards that much easier as they slot into the top of your case so that they do not move around whilst your are busy.

Here is how you can place them on top of your board:

Have fun creating :)
I will see you next week with a new introduction....


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