Saturday 2 November 2013

Button Swap Buddies in November

This month I have two lovely ladies joining me for Button Swap:

Meet Anna from AnnaBela Artistry aswell as her other wonderful blog Kindred Krafters

Anna crochets and makes some amazing jewelry:

Choker Necklace

Dragon Necklace

Anna donates 10% from all of her sales to Saving Graces Rescue in Huntington Beach in California.

On her blog Kindred Krafters she features crafters who donate to charities and/or are eco-friendly. She hopes to interest people in "Handmade".

You can find Anna here:

Meet Tonya from Tyrneathem 
Tonya's blog is a mix of life, giveaways, reviews, slimming and much more.
At the moment Tonya is running a Holiday Gift Guide
which will appeal to businesses and readers alike :)

You can find Tonya here:

If you would like to swap buttons with me in December please contact me :)
You can read more HERE

Marigolds' Loft Shop


  1. I just saw this as I was getting off to go to bed. I will look closer at what the Button Swap is. I would be very interested!

  2. Haha! Not real buttons huh? I was just thinking of forming a real button swap!


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