Wednesday 6 November 2013

WIP Wednesday or Not?

I really wanted to post about my WIP's today but I am hectically making and finishing birthday gifts for mom-in-law and hubby for tomorrow :( 

As the first and second attempts were not to my satisfaction, I have had to work extremely hard and quickly to get them done (more on Friday :))


Now onto you.....

I don't have any tutorial to share with you all today, but will make up for it next Thursday.

I can't wait to see your new crafts that you have been busy with, please link them up below.

Don't forget:

This month the tutorial party has a theme - Festive :)

To be featured at the end of this month you will need to link up all your well-laid out festive tutorials

Your tutorials can be creative, handwork, recipe or any other tutorial that you feel fits the bill. 

So to reiterate, I will be featuring all tutorials that have something to do with the festive season.

(For a tutorial to be featured it needs to be photo-rich and laid out in a step-by-step format)

Of course you can also link up all your other crafts and creations, I love to visit each of your lovely posts, but if you are looking for a feature this month you need to stay in the category :)


If I feature 3 or more of your posts at the end of this month you will receive your own Featured post (Please note: this only applies if you have not had a featured post on Marigolds' Loft already. If you have been featured before, you will still receive a spot on my sidebar as a Tutorial Whiz for the month of December)


  1. Forgot about the theme!!! Next week I will have it :) Have an awesome week!

  2. Thank you for hosting!

    -Jessica (Living Chic on the Cheap)


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