Friday 27 October 2017

FO - Chakra Bracelets for the Family

chakra bracelets
The internet and social media has been swamped with these chakra bracelets lately!

You know the one......Lava beads used to diffuse aromatherapy oils.....

Well, I liked the idea (except for the aromatherapy oil detail - not so sure I would want to put those drops on my skin!) and as I had quite a few semi-precious beads at home already, I needed to purchase some of the lava beads and get busy :)

I added a few more beads than necessary for the chakras, I just couldn't decide which ones I felt were more relevant, and I included our individual star-sign stones along the way!

Stones I included:

Sun Stone
Yellow agate
Lapis Lazuli
Moon Stone

It was quite a fun project and I look forward to beading again soon.



  1. Sweet. Your family will be completely well balanced wearing these.

  2. not only lovely but lots of fun ... how nice for you all.


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