Friday 22 September 2017

A New Toy and Prompt FOs :)

brother 3034D

My lovely hubby surprised me with this amazing overlocker last week and I am having so much fun trying it out :)

My first projects were going to be something for him of course, and I managed to make him these two sweatshirts:

sweatshirt basic buttinette

burda 6718

I love them and so does he, which is super, as I plan on making him a whole bunch of them now that I know how :)

Pattern: Burda 6718

Fabric: Basic Sweat

Do you have a good go to pattern for hoodies?


  1. Very nice gift. And early Christmas gift for you. Great sweaters too.

    1. Yes, you are right Two Cables and a Frapp, it is a perfect and early Christmas gift, I have wanted one for the longest time :) Thanks for visiting. X

  2. Awe! Great hubby! Must be your birthday, or something. Fun.


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