Tuesday 12 September 2017

FO - Weaving Bags, a recycling project

weaving bags

On the last Podcast I did, I showed you my warp that I was going to make bags out of.

The original idea came from Ravelry, from Cindy, who I am so thankful to for her inspirational project :)

 I have since finished the bags and want to share my results of that weaving project with you today.

rug rag bag

Here is the first project:

It is a rug rag bag which I created by cutting a duvet cover of my children (who are now adults :)) up into a 4cm continuous strip and used that as my weft.

I lined the bag with a pillowcase that belonged to the duvet cover and added a pocket and key fob.

Outside, I created the closure with some more of the pillowcase and made a matching button out of polymer clay.

cotton bag

The second bag I created out of this warp is a zipped, lined bag, which I totally love :)

This bag has a weft of 12/2 cotton.

It has a zipped pocket on the outside, and inside it has another pocket. 
Again the lining of this bag is with the pillow case.

toiletry bag

And lastly, I had enough warp to make a toiletry bag.

I created this weft with two shuttles, one background, and one pink 12/2 cotton.

Lined with the rest of the pillowcase :)

All in all I am totally thrilled with these results and look forward to putting these bags to good use.

If you want to have a better look at them then feel free to watch my latest podcast where I talk all about them :)

I hope you will come over and join me.
You can find it here on the blog under the tab Podcasts on the top of the page, or over on my Youtube channel

Have a great week.

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