Friday 1 September 2017

Sewing FO - The Cross Body Bag

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Here is my new favourite bag that I recently finished thanks to the Craftsy course - The Cross-Body Bag by Mariah McPherson

I made this bag in an afternoon and am hooked, I will be definitely making different versions of this bag in the future :)

craftsy bag class

canvas bag

sew bag pockets

how to outside zip bag pocket

inside outside zip pocket

make bag straps

bag filled and still has space :)

Fabrics used: Canvas and quilting cotton. I didn't use waxed canvas as I couldn't find any where I live, but I am really happy with the canvas I chose.

Tips: I had to do the outer pocket step twice :( as the video instruction was a bit confusing when it came to attaching the zip to the lining and outer fabric.  Mariah mentions that we are using the "Lower Body Lining" to create the zipper pocket, and so I whizzed off to sew them together, only to find out after watching her begin to sew hers together, that it was incorrect. So if you are taking this course, be aware of this step so that you don't have to repeat the process, OR don't be like me, watch the step to the end before you begin on your side ;) 

Would I recommend this class: Yes, definitely :) You get a great sized bag and learn some great techniques, especially if you have not made a bag before. 


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