Friday 8 September 2017

FO - Gloves ready for the Cold :)

handmade gloves

I have finished with my fingered gloves and they fit perfectly :)

drops alpaca

I haven't heard from anyone who would be interested in a glove step-by-step knit-along, so at the moment I will not be offering one (if you want to learn how to knit gloves and would like to take part in a knit-along, please leave a comment below)

I plan on knitting another couple of pairs of these over the next while as I still have quite a bit of Drops alpaca to use :)

Pattern: I didn't use a pattern, I worked on these using my Regia Size table (See below)
Yarn: Drops Alpaca
Needles: 2.5mm Circular

regia handschuhe tabelle


This is what I am busy with at the moment.
It is my Incremental Shawl, and I am loving the project!
The colours are coming together really well and it is a lovely, easy knit :)

What are you working on right now?


  1. Nice. But I'd rather wait for the cold weather a bit longer. :-)

    1. Hi Regula, we are already having the colder weather here. It seems autumn is definitely on it's way! I have already been able to wear my naima once :O
      Keep warm


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