Wednesday 9 April 2014

Book Review - Why Cleaning has Meaning

ISBN: 9781782500506

Yes, this is a book about cleaning and a good one at that!

As some of you may know, I work in a anthroposophical (Waldorf) home for mentally disabled people and I work part-time in the "Cleaning" Studio. My job is to motivate some of the residents of the home to clean. But not just to clean, to enjoy what they are doing and to understand that there is a deeper meaning and sense to cleaning for themselves as well as for the other residents.

I was given Linda Thomas's german version of this book (Putzen!?) to read when I started my job and although I can read german well, I can't read it at the speed I can in english, and so I was thrilled when Linda sent me a copy of her book in english when it was published earlier this year.

Cleaning is seen as a very menial and thankless job in our society and it is not a small feat to get disabled people to find joy in the task of cleaning.

Linda shares some amazing advice on how to care for rooms - how, if your attitude is the right one, the rooms feel cleaner, cared for and yes, she even teaches you that you can learn to enjoy cleaning!

I try on a daily basis to instill the values Linda shares with us in my "Cleaning" team and it seems to be working. We try to work in rhythmic motions, and try to have consistent chores. 

This book is a really easy and enjoyable read and not only talks about cleaning in all its forms but also explores the various cleaning rituals in different cultures, as well as homemaking in early times. 

The residents have been getting a special treat from my studio colleague who has been reading to them from this great resource once a week, and they are thoroughly enjoying it.

If you are looking for a book that gives you some great practical tips on how to clean your home and helps you to develop the deeper sense of cleaning, then this is a book I would warmly recommend.

I give this book:
4 Owls 
(You can find my book rating scale in the side bar.)

Have you read this book yet?

Thank you Linda for a great resource.

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