Monday 25 April 2016

On my Virtual Sofa - Suburban Stitcher

suburban stitcher

Today, I am again super excited to have a lovely lady over for a visit on my virtual Sofa.

Welcome Dianne @ Suburban Stitcher, so glad to have you over :)

dianne suburban stitcher

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to your crafts. 

I have been surrounded by crafts my entire life. My mom owned and operated a custom drapery workroom out of our home, so I was constantly seeing her sew and create things, operate a business, etc. I did very little crafting while I was young (other than latch hook rugs). When I was in college, a friend’s mother taught me to cross-stitch. I was INSTANTLY hooked. I loved every bit of it. I was stitching everything I could find, and quickly started collecting a stash that to this day is probably larger than my yarn stash! After I had children, I took to quilting, but that was harder because I didn’t have a dedicated space for sewing. Eventually a friend of mine (a fellow multi-craftual lover) taught me to crochet and knit, and the rest is history.
Have you always knit at that speed, because you are incredible :)? 

I’m sure that I didn’t always knit very quickly at all. I do remember that my first few projects did take quite a while (months) and that was back when I knit one thing at a time! I think that once I realized that I could knit while doing other things…and mostly without having to constantly reference a pattern (like cross-stitch), I began to speed up. I still don’t know that I’m a very speedy knitter, but I do think that I don’t let even the smallest amount of time pass without taking advantage of it. I’m pretty much doing at least 2-3 things at once. I will knit a row or two while I’m standing waiting for a pot to boil, work on sewing a bag in between loads of dishes, etc. I just know that I want to monopolize on all of the moments I do have, and I’ve learned to make the most of them.
What do you do with all of your socks? Are they all for you or do you gift them? 

I wish that I could say that I’ve gifted a large percentage of my socks (or anything I’ve knit) but really I keep most of them. So many of my knitting projects are tied to memories about where I knit them, and what was going on in my life, so it’s like a physical scrapbook of sorts. I must have about 30-40 pairs of socks right now…and I still want more. I do knit pairs every now and then for others, but really…I give so much of my time and other things to the people in my life, that my knitting is one thing that I’ve allowed myself to be selfish with. Also…I’m THE WORST at following through with a project if I know from the start it isn’t for me to keep. I don’t want to do it because I know I can’t keep it. I’m much better off making something, and then deciding to gift it at the end.

If you had to arrange your crafts in sequence of importance to you what would that sequence look like? 

Well knitting for sure is first. I need to knit every day…for my mental health! Next would be sewing, and then probably stitching.
What does the Handmade Movement mean to you?

This term has always sort of made me laugh. Because I grew up surrounded by handmade items, it’s always been normal. My mom made many of my clothes growing up, even prom dresses! I’ve always had handmade items in my life, and most of my friends did also. I do think that perhaps it’s a bit more “trendy” to have handmade things now, but I don’t feel like I personally have more items now than I did in previous stages of my life.

dianne brown

Who are you most inspired by and why? 

I am super inspired by so many people! I absolutely love Amanda of heyporkchop/Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and the cozy aesthetic she has created for herself. I am in LOVE with all things pastel, and particularly love the color palette that Robin Sample of October House uses. I bought some yarn from her at a festival this weekend and seriously it always feels like she jumped into my brain. I am very inspired by my friend Steph (supasteph on Ravelry) and all of the colors and projects she knits. She knits amazing lace and pairs amazing colors together. I’m constantly finding myself emulating what she creates. I also love the design aesthetic of Joji Locatelli. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her over the past year, and I love the easy style of her designs. They are generally very wearable and cozy, and completely something that I can see myself wearing.
What is the one Craft tool you couldn’t be without?

Gingher scissors in the 8” size for sewing. Also Dovo embroidery scissors for snipping and carrying around. They are so beautiful, and I prefer to have pretty items rather than cutsie items.
What are your inspirations right now? 

I love all things pink & purple, and right now I’m particularly in a pastel pink, orchid, and lavender place. I love fresh flowers, all things girly, but also things that are cozy. I love clean colors and lines. I feel like have sort of a “clean vintage farmhouse by the seashore” style. :)

That was such a great chat Dianne, thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself with myself and my readers.

I could so totally understand some of your answers as I am a little selfish with my knitting too, although I must admit, I don't think I have ever knit whilst cooking - that is dedication to a craft ;)

Where can my readers find you on the web?

They can find me here:

For those of you who haven't watched Dianne before here is her latest Podcast for your convenience.

If you are a podcaster and would like me to give your podcast a try, or if you would like to come and have a chat on my virtual sofa, contact me, I would love to hear from you!

See you soon

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