Tuesday 17 May 2016

Real Life....

These days I just never seem to get time to blog, which is rather sad :(
I am hoping that real life will calm down in the near future enough for me to have a little space each week to dedicate some time to blogging and chatting with you all, as I am really missing it!

We are still in full swing with our renovation and it is taking all of my free time, and when I have a moment I am trying to get as much crafting done as possible - it helps to bring me back to my center and as such is something I am clambering to right now - isn't it nice to have something so relaxing and fun to do that actually helps one stay sane :D

I have many projects on the go right now, and am working on those that tickle my fancy as I just don't have enough time to work on all of them, even though I would love to.

So let me fill you in with the projects I have been busy with over this last week:

smocked guernsey socks

Knitting: These are my May Socks

I am about 3 cm before I start on my toe caps which is great! 

Before the spring gets into full swing I would like to complete our cat bed, but I can't seem to move onto that project until at least my socks for the month are off the needles - I am so weird that way!

I decided on a pattern free foot, basically because of time constraints. 
When I thought about it, I thought that I would always wear these with closed shoes, so I wouldn't see the patterning anyway.

I know it is a bit lazy, but the patterning does take quite a bit of time to create, and as much as I love the patterning on the leg, I quite like the pattern-free bit of the sock just as much :)

I am hoping to be close to finishing these babies off this week if possible.

the meadow drops

Crochet: This is the beginnings of my Meadow Blanket.

I am rather late to the party as I wasn't too sure if I wanted to crochet-along, but eventually decided that it would be a nice change and hooked my first square.

I am really enjoying this project and hope to catch up over time. 

Above you can see my clue 1 and 2.

I am crocheting this project in the suggested yarn.

Are you taking part in this project?

gorjuss stitching

Stitching: I am hooked!

Sue from the Legacy Knitz Podcast started a stitching revolution and I really wanted to give it a go as it looked like soo much fun :)

So I bought myself this cute Gorjuss kit and got started almost instantly.
To be quite honest, I would love to stitch all day if I could and my eyes would hold up!


Yes, I suddenly realized how my eyes are getting old!

At first I couldn't find the holes and at some points I was seeing double :O
But as the day progressed it got a little easier to see what I was doing and I fell totally in love with the craft!

I am already considering future projects, and can see myself becoming as addicted to stitching as I am to all of my other yarny crafts.

 Do you stitch?
If so what are you busy with?

Reading Wise: I have finally started to get some reading done and am busy reading a new title - The Girl in the Ice

Well, I must be off again.

Do come back on Friday and share your FOs for the week with me, I would really love to see what you have been up to :)

I will be sharing this post with all of my weekly creative friends, so do pop over there for some great inspiration.

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  1. Aww Rennovation is very time consuming. I was exhausted when we redid our kitchen. Slept like a rock every night.
    I'm knitting some lovely leaf scarves.


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