Sunday 13 August 2017

My Weaving World Podcast Shownotes

my weaving world podcast

Wow, it has been a while since I was last here, I do apologize!

I have decided to join the ranks of the Podcasters and chat about my weaving side of life.

Here is my first episode, I hope you will enjoy it.

I do look forward to hearing from you all, so please do let me know what you thought of it - all input appreciated :)

Show Notes:

Loom: Lilla by Öxabäck Sweden (Countermarch)
Inkle Loom: Ashford

Material for projects:

Scarf Project:

Merino 30/2
Tussah Silk 20/2

Bag Project:

Saw the original project on Ravelry in the group Warped Weavers 

12/2 Cotton
Weft: Duvet strips, cut into 4cm strips and then ironed in half

Belt Project:

Media Cotton (perle cotton) 10/4

Don't forget:

You can find me on Ravelry as Marigoldsloft,
on Instagram as Marigoldsloft
or Facebook as Marigoldsloft :)

See you soon.


  1. Hello Natalie, I've just discovered your site and enjoyed your weaving podcast very much. I look forward to seeing your future ones.

    I would love to see and learn more about your loom. I am currently investigating the purchase of an Oxaback Lilla. I've never warped or woven on a Countermarche loom and I'm particularly interested in the tie up on the sides. And I'm curious why this loom wasn't giving you a good shed with the merino wool.

    I'm also very interested in your bag with the strap woven in. Since the strap is sett so much closer do you have to do something special to keep the weaving even at the fell line?

    I've never woven with merino so I can't contribute to that question of yours. I weave with unmercerized cotton quite a bit.

    Thank you again. You can find me on Ravelry as jwweaver.


    1. Hi Julia,
      So nice to hear from you.
      I am glad you enjoyed my podcast, thank you very much :)

      Thank you for all of your questions, I will take an in-depth look at my loom on the next podcast for you and show you the setup.

      As for the shed, my lams were far too close together and as such they were catching in each other. I am looking for a solution, will probably go with some washers in-between each of them next, to see if that helps at all. I hope to have figured it out before the next podcast and then I will share my results with you.

      As for the bag, no, I didn't find that I had to do anything special whilst weaving, as it gave me a pretty regular fell line. I have since taken the warp off the loom and am in the process of finishing it and am having a couple of issues due to the shrinkage, not major, but I am hoping they will be not noticeable once the bags are complete. I will share my results with you in September.

      Thank you once again for visiting, I have found you on Ravelry and added you to my friends :)

      Warm regards

  2. Natalie, I just discovered your video podcast and agree with you that there is a void in podcasts for weavers so I greatly appreciate your efforts to address this!

    Your podcast was very interesting, well paced, useful, and inspiring. I hope you keep the podcasts coming!! Maybe I’ll try one myself at some point! Yours will be my inspiration!


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