Become a Guest Blogger

I would feel very honored if you would like to become a Guest-blogger on Marigolds' Loft for a day.

Who could take part?
Well, I think it would have to be someone who shares similar interests with me as we would have the same kind of followers.
So, someone who enjoys knitting, crochet, sewing, or just being creative.

What would the post have to be about?
I would very much like to have a Guest-blogger who enjoys putting together tutorials. That said, feel free to tell me what you would like to post about and we can see how it could work. 

Can you include a Give-Away?
I would love that, and welcome all Give-Aways.

Would you be up for this challenge?
If you would like to become a Guest-blogger on Marigolds' Loft, please send me an email. In the email, please include a link to your blog and give me an idea of what you would like to post about on my Blog for the day.
I can't wait to hear from you :-)

Guest-Blogger Buttons:
Feel free to grab yourself a button if you have been featured :)



  1. I love your site! Lots of great information :)

    1. Hi D Roxborough,
      Thank you kindly.
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi! I would love to talk with you about being a guest blogger and having a sponsorship on your blog. My blog site is
    I would love to share the story of how my business came to be. A tutorial would not be appropriate since my pattern is part of the business, but I could also give a tour around the sewing/ craft space. Of course a give away would be wonderful!
    I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Hi, I love creating craft tutorials and would be really excited to do my first Guest blog for you. Here's my blog: perhaps if you like it we could chat about linking up some time? Best wishes @hscraftymama xx


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