Sunday 29 January 2012

Thuner Fasnacht

At last, back inside the warmth of my home. Sitting here with a wonderful cup of coffee, warming my hands and feet.

Today we went to the "Thuner Fastnacht" which is a tradition of the region that we live in. I wanted to share our day with you as it is something that you really have had to see, at least once!

Fasnacht is a carnival, and it has it's roots from the middle ages. It usually takes places about 7 weeks before Easter, and used to be the big festival before they would enter their fast, or Lent.

It is celebrated with much enjoyment, music, gl├╝hwein and masquerade. All the various clubs from this area and further take part in a walk through the town, playing their music and dressing up.

I have many pictures to share so that you can see what it was like. Unfortunately some of them are a bit on the blurry side as at one point my fingers were so cold I could no longer hold the camera properly :-O

At the bottom of the post I have imbeded last year's Fasnacht so you can see what it sounds like too. 

And for those of you who knitted something very special for my girls to wear, will maybe find them in one of the pictures if you know what to look for :-D

The confetti mess after all was done. Shortly after it was all gone!!!


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