Friday 29 June 2012

FO Friday - Nope, not today!

I was so hoping to show you my cardigan today, but it isn't finished :-(

Our weather is getting rather hot and we have been promised 30 degree C weekend weather!!
Oh my! Forgot how hot 30 degree weather can be in Europe, in S.A. that is still a pretty comfy temperature, but here it is sweltering! 
And the flies - URGH!! I have seen more flies in the last week than I did in the last 5 years in Africa!......I am just about ready to become a mass-murderer, until now I have been able to let them be, but now we have hoards of flies and it is just really GROSS!! Any one got some tricks to get rid of them in a nice way?

Here are some of my balcony herbs and tomatoes that are growing so nicely!
And as you can see, my garden is growing wonderfully, with all the rain we have had most of my veg have already grown out, oh well, will have to start again I guess!
Anyway, have a super weekend one and all.


  1. Your planted pots look just fantastic:)

    1. Hi Bending Birches,

      Thanks :-D
      Have a super start to your week.


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