Sunday 30 September 2012

Perfect Crafting Sunday

You must agree with me, I have the perfect conditions today to sit inside, and Craft away. Good thing too, as I have sooooo much to get finished and so much more to start on.

I am just about done with my "Pay it Forward" Gifts, but I do need to crack on if I want them out of the door by the end of this week ;)
Other than that, I still have a whack of books to read for the Fall into Reading Challenge that I am taking part I really can't say that I am bored, or have nothing to do :)

On other news, earlier this week, we had nice weather and I could get a pretty good picture of the hanging bridge in its' finishing stages. They are almost done, I will take a photo again as soon as it is finished.

Psssssst - Let me let you in on a secret....October will be filled with loads of cool new things here on Marigolds' Loft so come back often. Better yet, become a follower for easy updates!

Are you wanting to take part in the coolest event this Festive Season?
Are you creative in some way?
Then come and take part in my Secret Santa Handmade Swap. You still have 15 Days to sign up!

It would be great if I could get this to become a huge event. For that I appreciate all of your support.
Idea Smiley
Have a great Sunday.....

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