Wednesday 11 June 2014

Loads to Share Wednesday

Drops cotton merino

Wow, what a filled week this has been.....where to start?
I guess the beginning is as good a place as any so let me begin with this week's WIP.

If you recall at the end of May I showed you my colour palette for this project and it included a gorgeous brown in the mix.

Well, once the yarn arrived (I had ordered a couple of extra colours just incase) half of the family declared that the brown must go - :( I really liked it but obliged, as well as swapping the light purple for a more happy pinky purple.

So it went from this palette:

choosing a colour palette

to this palette:

colour palette number 2

So far I am liking the project and loving the Tunisian crochet! 

I am progressing nicely - which is really easy to do with these great teachers at our disposal on Craftsy :D

I look forward to seeing this project in its finishing stages as I am still not entirely convinced about the new colours :O

What do you think of them?
To much like what granny would wear?

I hope to show you more of this project shortly as I have already been progressing through the first couple lessons of my new acquired course:

Online Crochet Class

I know, I know, but can one ever have enough knowledge and Craftsy courses? 

I think not!

I am trying to decide on a great yarn for this project and class and will let you know once I have decided :)

Onto other news - great news!


Bees in hive

Yes, I managed, with the help of my dear hubby, to safely get a swarm that had settled on a neighbours property inside my hive.
They seem to like it there and I am feeling a little in love I must tell you.
I go out to visit them every day and will fill you in with more details once I have had a good peek inside to make sure everyone is happy.

And lastly: Over the weekend I attended a suitcase market. It would have been more fun had I not been suffering from a bad bout of hayfever. I could barely get the words "Hello, how are you" out before I started sneezing my head off.

Yesterday I had had enough of this situation and went to the chemist to get some hard stuff that suppresses everything :) I must say that I am enjoying feeling human again without having to keep one eye closed and both hands on a pack of tissues! I won't stop with the herbal remedies, but it is good to know I will have some anti-histamines on hand should this flare up again! (I really am not such a wuss, but I really did get the feeling over the weekend that I was either going to rip my skin off with my bare hands, or I was going to gorge my eyes out!)

So how has your week been so far?
What have you been up to?

Reading wise: I am reading......... absolutely nothing right now and that feels good for the moment!

I wish you all a good week.
See you again soon.
P.S: I will be sharing over with all my lovely Wednesday ladies :)



  1. I signed up for my first craftsy class a couple of weeks ago. It is quilt big projects on a home machine! I'm excited the prospect of learning something new. I do like your new color scheme better too.

    1. Hi flyingjen,
      Your course sounds exciting :) I look forward to watching your progress.
      Thanks so much for your visit and for the thumbs up on the colour.

  2. The yarn pallet is lovely! Your booth at the Suitcase Market looks really nice! :) Happy knitting.

  3. Oh, poor you!!!! Did you sell your soap on the market? I hope so. I like your choice of colours very much. Regula

  4. Beautiful color choices! Cannot wait to see it finished.

  5. I have to admit I am on your family's side...the orange-brown wasn't working for me either in the photo. Maybe it looked better in real life though.
    Hope the market went well despite your hayfever!

  6. Great colors!

  7. I love the new colour pallet - definitely agree with your family :-)


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