Saturday 19 July 2014

Mexian Food is a Must in our Home!

A while ago I signed up for a Craftsy course and got the course - Mexican Street Food as an extra course for free.

The nice thing about stumbling into courses is that I find I almost enjoy those the most because it isn't a course that I possibly would have chosen myself.

I watched this course over a weekend and loved the ease with which Deborah Schneider taught me how to make various Salsas and Taco fillings.

Now if your family is like ours, you also eat Mexican dishes on a regular basis.
When I first started out making these dishes I would buy the kits, but over the years have moved away from those to widen my horizon and try my hand at handmade.

Thanks to this course, I now know how to make tacos from scratch (a couple of different kinds) as well as an array of salsas.

What caught my eye, was the pulled pork recipe - made with Coca Cola!

carne asada Craftsy

We are not a soft drink family at all - and I don't buy any kind of fizzy drinks, but I had to try this recipe.

I was fascinated by how it could possibly taste once done.

So off to the market I went to buy some Coke.
I made my pulled pork in my Crockpot instead of the oven.

Wow, it turned out wonderfully!

Kinda has a "Sticky Rib" kind of taste to it. 
The meat was wonderfully tender, and not sweet as I imagined it would be.

I haven't recreated all of her wonderful sounding recipes just yet, and the next one I will be attempting will be one or all of the Salsas.

My next big challenge is to find tomatillos! 
To my Swiss friends, do you possibly know where I could buy these?
I would really like to try them out!
They look like this apparently - almost like a green physalis:

physalis tomatillo

If you are interested in seeing what this course is all about, you will be happy to know that it is on sale today - but you will need to hurry, the sale ends tomorrow!


I would love to hear how you find it, and how your food tasted :)

Have a yummy weekend.



  1. We've had Mexican food at least four times during the last two weeks. And I'm already in the mood to go back to "El Corazon" in wil tonight. The waitresses are so lovely and the food is excelent. :-)

  2. I LOVE tomatillos, but I can get them here (in Texas) at any grocery store. Sorry you're having trouble finding them. :-(


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