Wednesday 23 July 2014

Wow Wednesday!

Drops Kid Silk

This has been quite an exciting and anxious Wednesday!

Let me start off with the adorable, scary news!

Our Mommy kitty had her litter of 3 this morning. Here they are:

cat with litter

Aren't they adorable?
Mommy kitty was so brave and gave birth really amazingly considering this is her first litter.
They all seemed good and well, and we gave them their space. A couple of hours in I noticed that none of the kittens had been drinking, and so hubby and I tried to help the kitties get to their teats.
Mommy kitty seems to only have one teat which is filled and kitty number 1 has dibs on that one!
I have been feeding mommy - and she is eating like there is no tomorrow - but there just doesn't seem to be enough milk to go around! Kitties 2 and 3 seem to be very weak and even though we tried to introduce them to the working teat, they don't want to drink!

Hubby has rushed off to the vet to go and get the necessary tools we will need to hand-rear the kittens as the time is becoming critical.

Please keep these little ones in your thoughts for the night as I am guessing it will be a bottle-filled experience! Thank you kindly. x
I will keep you updated :)

My WIP for this week:

drops bolero

My Bolero is growing nicely and I have just started to cast on for the sleeves.
I am hoping to have this finished by next Friday as I have just over a week before we go on holiday and I would like to take this with me for the cool evenings on the beach.

Reading: I have started "The Lifeboat" and haven't read enough of it just yet to give you an opinion. 

I have started to update our Homesteading blog again and will be starting by introducing you to our bees. 

Beekeeping 2014

I would love it if you came over for a visit- Holistic Homesteading

What are you busy working on and reading this week?

I will be sharing with all the wonderful Wednesday ladies

See you all soon



  1. Congrats on the new additions. I'll send kitty prayers to keep their strength up. I love the color yarn you are using for your bolero!

  2. Oh, I hope all goes well with the kittens. I bottle fed my cat years ago when she was a kitten and taken away from her mama too young. She lived to be 18 before her kidneys shut down and we had her put to sleep.

  3. Oh my the kitties are adorable! I hope all goes well, they are cuties. :)


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