Monday 19 January 2015

Getting into the Swing of Things


Are you already in full swing in 2015?
I can't say that I am....I seem to be crawling rather than walking or running and I really do hope it changes shortly.

I am wondering if I just made tooooo much last year, resulting in a bit of overkill. It is that bad that I just need to look at my knitting bag and feel exhausted, I don't feel inspired to pick up a needle and knit a stitch, I actually would rather sit on the chair and watch paint dry before I feel like continuing where I left off! 

Have you ever felt like this?

I am working on my "can't-give-a-damn" attitude though and am trying to pull myself toward myself. 

As you can see in the image above, I am not standing completely still as I think that would kill me, but am rather filling my time with reading (yes, I seem to feel like doing that again - Hooray!!) and different crafts.

I am slowly creating a time schedule for everything I want and need to work on.

As I have a new job as the head of the weaving studio at work, I am generally getting my fill of knitted and woven crafts, as well as working there more regularly which will result in me having less time to do what I want to achieve at home, but I am sure things will all swing into place as the year progresses.

Because of my new work schedule I will be updating you on my WIPs at the beginning of each week from now on too :)

So let me show you what I have been busy with so far this year:

Kays socks

This is a new pair of socks for Kay.
Her birthday is coming up soon and she has asked me for another pair of knitted socks. This pair is getting knit in Red Heart Sock wool which I have never used before. So far they are knitting up nicely. These socks will be a very plain knit with no patterning included.


My next WIP is my revived and pulled out of hibernation -  Juliana.
I put this project on hold last year so that I could focus on all the Christmas knitting, and before I feel I can move on to anything else I need to see this project complete.

I have managed to get passed the second armhole and am basically on the home stretch, though I use this term lightly as that still means I need to knit about 80 cm until I can start on the sleeves!

skirt sewing

I had planned on doing some skirt sewing this morning, but alas, I haven't washed my fabric yet, so if time allows I may get around to these projects some time this week and will show you my progress as I get on.

Handwoven cloth

This is a definite WIP project I am working on in the studio.
We have loads and loads of scraps of our handwoven fabric so I have decided to try and create a log cabin shopper with some of the rests. As I get a moment I add a new panel or two, but I do hope it will grow more extensively in the next couple of weeks :)

Onto other crafts now:


Kay and I are working through a book course on Zentangle together and we are progressing nicely. It is really quite a lot of fun, though there is a lot of concentrating involved. who thought doodling could be so intensive :)

wreck this journal

I was inspired over the festive season by Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch to get my hands on a "Wreck This Journal". When I showed the girls they promptly told me that they had wanted one of these journals for over a year now! Lucky for me I found a bundle pack of four journals (also one for hubby) at Book Depository for a great bargain and they arrived on Friday. Since then Jas and Kay have been awfully busy wrecking their journals and Hubby and I have started on ours too. Once you get over the initial "Cracking of the Spine" - SHUDDER - the book seems to take on the look of "I could possibly do this"! I will let you know how we progress on this front :)

Reading wise: This year I have decided that 12 books is the most realistic amount of books I can really get through in a year and so I have set my Goodreads challenge to a lowly 12 books! That way I am hoping I won't be too disappointed come the end of the year, as the last two years I did not manage to complete my challenge!

Let us hope I will manage at least those! So far it is not looking all too bad as I have just started Book number 3 - Pilgrims Rest. I haven't read enough just yet to have an informed opinion but I will let you know a bit more about it once I do.

What are you busy with this week?

See you soon.

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  1. I'm feeling the same. Sigh .... I'm just crawling through these days hoping for betters to come. Winter break starts on Friday, which is a relief. :-) I'm trying not to pay too much attention to my mood. It might be the hormones ... I'm positive that it will pass sooner or later. All the best. Regula

    1. Hi Regula, sorry to hear you are feeling the same as me, it really isn't a comfortable place to be! Maybe it is the 2015 blues? I hope you feel better after your break. Thanks for visiting. X


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