Tuesday 27 January 2015

My New Toy - Kindle Paperwhite

I managed to grab one of these babies for an amazing bargain last week and I am thrilled with my buy :)

I have an iRiver Story Ereader that is really super but I have always had a hidden desire to own a Kindle at some point in my life.

I was wondering how it would scrap up to the iRiver (my iRiver isn't the newest model and is about 3.5 years old) and I must admit that I am rather impressed.

I think the biggest plus for this device is obviously the incredible book bargains that you can get with one little click from Amazon.

The most obvious difference between the two readers is the difference in size. The Kindle is minimally narrower and smaller than the iRiver making it the perfect size for holding. 

Kindle Paperwhite vs iRiver

The Kindle is also a touchscreen whereas the iRiver has a Qwerty keyboard and arrow keys. (I must honestly say that I have never had the need to use the Keyboard)

iRiver vs Kindle Paperwhite

 Then onto the display:

I like the build up of the homescreen of the Kindle, I love having the book covers on view instead of just the titles. I am a very visual person so this is right down my street.

kindle paperwhite review

I love the back-light of the Kindle which is not an option on the iRiver, it makes reading very easy on the eye.

All in all I am loving my new toy, and can't wait to finish my latest paperback book so that I can really experience my latest cool title downloads on the Kindle :)

Do you have a Kindle or a iRiver?
What are your impressions?



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  1. I have a kindle Fire and I love it. It's not just a reader but a tablet. Enjoy your Kindle


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