Tuesday 5 May 2015

Cute Coin Purse Making

Easy Coin Pattern Purse

This weekend coming I will be attending a small market to display some of our weaving work from the studio. I have quite a bit of left over woven materials and I was wondering what small objects I could make in the amount of time I have left, using the materials I have at my disposal.

I came across this cute, free pattern on Craftsy made by Deby from So-Sew-Easy:

How to sew a coin Purse

I was thrilled and thought that this would be the perfect project for all of those rests.

Luckily my purse frames arrived just before the weekend and so I spent the weekend making these babies:

coin purse how to

coin purse handmade

coin purse

Deby provides a really neat tutorial to go with her pattern and she guides you step-by-step through the process.

easy purse making by hand

For this project, you only need a few pieces of material to get you going, some interfacing and of course some purse frames.

My biggest "Problem" area of the project:

The frames I found readily available to me were 8.5cm and not as pretty as the ones Deby uses.
To get them onto the finished sewn purses needed a lot of coercing and my fingers are feeling pretty sensitive this morning (that is why the yellow one is not quite finished yet :))

Besides that, the project was really fun and I enjoyed making the purses. I love how you can combine any fabric to create astounding results!

cute coin purse

I just love the contrast of the outer fabric and the lining, it gives the purse such a "Wow" effect!

So, if you are looking for a small project to uses up those little scraps of fabric, why not give this project a try? 
They will make amazing little gifts!

See you soon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about my tutorial. Your purses look great! It looks like your purse grame as a different design to the one I was using and perhaps is intended to have the fabric go either side of that piece with the holes in. It might work better for this frame to leave that top section unsewn, just fold it over and press in the raw edges, and then have the outer fabric on the outside, the lining on the back of the frame and sew through the two, catching that piece with the holes in the middle. Looks like how that one is intended to work.Give it a try :-)

    1. Hi Deby, yes I agree with you, I tried to find some tips on the internet on how to sew them that way but didn't find anything :( I will try the technique on the last purse that is not yet complete and see if it is easier to do, although I must say that I don't think that they turned out all too badly. Thanks for your visit and the great tutorial x

  2. Your coin purses are adorable. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful week Natalie

    1. Hi Darlene, thank you so much and thanks for visiting :) Have a great rest of your day,


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