Tuesday 19 May 2015

New Lifestyle Choices

lifestyle choices

Since the beginning of last week we have started a couple of new things :)

 I have started a 30 day Yoga challenge with hubby and Kay (with breaks in between as some days are just too full with other things).
So far so good, today we are onto Day 7.

Getting back into yoga has made me aware of how much I have missed it!
I used to do a minimum of 15 hours of yoga a week back in S.A., but since we have been back in Switzerland I haven't ventured even to do a simple sun salutation!

gluten free bread

With our new resolution to do something good for our body, minds and souls, I decided now would be the perfect time to attempt to be wheat-free.

I read "Wheat-Belly" a while back and since I finished the book I wondered how much effort and how much "Cold-Turkey" I would go through if I stopped the wheat.

Now you must know I LOVE bread!

I love it in all its variations, and living in Europe it is all over the place.

For me there is nothing nicer than a Sunday brunch with croissants, plaited bread and all the accompaniments!

And I adore baking bread too, and pizza, and bread rolls, and scones and.......

I think as a teenager I could eat a whole loaf on my own as an after dinner snack :O

I am getting sidetracked......

Anyway, I decided to stop, just like that!

And I feel amazing!

I thought to begin with I would look for alternatives to bread in the form of "Good" Gluten-free products. 

In my local store they have a selection of "Breads" made with rice flour and Tapioca flour. They look like bread and taste quite good too. (The image above is my Gluten Free bread which I will be having for supper)

Honestly, I haven't missed it.

I am a firm believer though, that by cutting something completely out of your diet can have quite a backlash and can bring with it some nasty reactions should you try and introduce it into your diet again at a much later date. So with this in mind I am not following a rigorous wheat free diet.
I follow a "no gluten" diet during the week and then still enjoy our usual Sunday breakfast or dinner with all the trimmings.

Strangely enough though, one week in and my scrumptious bread over the weekend tasted weird!

Once I become sure footed I plan on starting to work on some of the "Wheat-Belly" Recipes as some of them sound amazing and I really would like to try them. 

Have any of you out there tried these recipes?
Which are your favourites?


And the last lifestyle choice for the moment is fresh, organic milk!
Up until now we have always purchased our milk in bulk, and naturally because we don't chug it down, we need a milk that lasts a bit longer, so the choice has always been UHT. 

We have an organic cattle farmer in our vicinity who has a milk machine :)
You drop your coins into the machine and it dispenses that much Organic Raw Milk, fresh from the cows!

So we thought why not?!

At the end of last week, Kay and I went to fetch 2 litres of milk to try it out.

It tastes really good!

I think the girls will take a while to get used to the taste and Kay remarked on the strange aftertaste whilst eating her cereal.

I like the creamy texture of the milk, and the container lasted us about 4 days and was still good (we left it raw as it is organic)

I think our days using UHT are definitely numbered!

Do you use raw milk?

I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I think UHT milk has aftertaste! :-) I can catch raw milk at my neighbour's without coins. It's oldfashioned MIlchb├╝echli. Have a nice week!

    1. Hi Regula,
      I am sure it does, I mean it isn't even milk really is it? We really used if for convenience rather than anything else, so I look forward to a life without it.
      Do you boil your milk or use it in its' raw state?

  2. HI Natalie
    I'm afraid I've let my yoga practice slip of late and my back is letting me know it's not happy with this - must get back to it.
    We use our raw milk raw! I think most of the cheeses in france are made with unpasturised milk also. I try not to eat much gluten on a day to day basis but every wednesday I go to a local farm where the guy grows his own wheat, mills it daily and bakes his own bread, so mid-week is my gluten day!
    Hope you are having a warm weekend - it's still so cold here!!

    1. Hi Emma, I think the raw milk tastes so much nicer and we plan on continuing drinking it this way, but a lot of people keep telling me that it could be dangerous because of the salmonella, but as the milk comes from organic cows I don't think this should be an issue! Weather is definitely not summery, and there was more snow forecast which I find unbelievable! Do you also still have snow?
      Thanks for your visit


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