Friday 25 December 2015

FO Friday Fun!

classy slip-up socks

Welcome to this week's FO Friday Fun :)
Feel free to join in by linking your finished objects of the week below.

This week I have managed to finish Jas's Socks, just in time for her birthday which is today :)

drops fabel


I made a couple of changes with these socks in that I only did 18 of the 20 repeats of the pattern on the legs and I substituted the heel flap for the boomerang heel, which I prefer!

These socks are knit in Drops Fabel.

If you are interested in knitting 12 pairs of socks with me through 2016 I would love to have you join me :)
You can find out more HERE

I hope you are having a festive Christmas and look forward to seeing what you have managed to complete this week.


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  1. I'm totally confused with the days. :-) Today is ... Tuesday ... right?


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