Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Work in Progress

I love that feeling when you look at your WIPs from the previous week and see that they have grown, don't you? :)

Let me jump right in:


This is my Avalanche.
I have closed my work in the round and am close to separating for the sleeves.

I really am enjoying this project. I think it has a lot to do with the gorgeous yarn, it makes it really easy to knit with :)

baable hat

Here is my Baa-ble hat :)

I love how fast this project grows. 
I am only knitting this project every Monday at our group and am hoping to have it close to finished by the end of next Mondays evening!

This pair is also growing quite steadily :)
I am managing to knit my 10 rows a day on the pattern and will be finishing my 3rd pattern repeat today and then will be turning the heel.

How are your Sock-Along Socks growing?

If you haven't yet joined in there is still ample time to get those February socks on and off the needles before the end of the month!

I would love to see your projects grow :)

At my sewing group this week I have started a new project.

I am planning on sewing the dress you see in the image, with the fabric you see.

What I didn't take into consideration is that each stripe is a bit different to the next one, which means I have had a LOT of work cutting out the pieces so that that are coordinated throughout the dress :O

I look forward to seeing it's progress next week.

And lastly, I wanted to share my warp that I wound last week. It is so colourful it brightens my day when I look at it.

I thought others of you who may also have rather grey weather today may need the rainbow too :)

Reading-wise: Well, I am doing really badly bookwise this year.....

I am still busy on the book I got for Christmas from Jas!

I am just so busy with our Renovation and work that at night I drop into bed and go straight to sleep!

I will be sharing this post with all of my creative weekly friends, so pop on over there for some great inspiration :)

See you soon
(Do come back on Friday and share your FOs with us all)


  1. I love that hat pattern! I is so cute and has been tempting me. And your warp looks amazing. Can't wait to see what it becomes!

  2. I love that hat pattern! I is so cute and has been tempting me. And your warp looks amazing. Can't wait to see what it becomes!

  3. you have lots of lovely wips on the go! I love the sheep hat

  4. Yay for the baable hat, I love seeing everyone else's! :)


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