Wednesday 1 June 2016

June is Here

My life seems to be getting busier and busier, or maybe time is just flying by?

I haven't had very much time over the last week to get much work done on my WIPs, so let me show you what I did manage to do.

gorjuss cross-stitch

First up, my stitching.

I have managed to finish the first quarter of my project and have started on the next bit.
I worked a little on this over the weekend, but upon looking at the image above I see that some of the stitches look like they could be going the wrong way :(

When I worked on this project I was already rather tired and the light I was working in wasn't the greatest, so I should have maybe put it down, but I so wanted to get a little further!

I guess, as it is my first cross-stitching project, I think I will let it slide, I need to be able to improve on this craft anyway, so I have learnt my first lesson - make sure light and eyesight is at optimum level :D

meadow blanket drops

On Sunday I managed to get to the end of clue 3 of my Meadow blanket, I hope I manage the next clue this weekend too :)

As today is June 1st, a new month of Sock-Along knitting has begun and with it my June socks!

circle socks

I have chosen to knit this month's pair toe-up and have managed to get past the toe and onto the foot today.

sock-along 2016

If you would like to join us in this month's sock-along I would love to have you over :)

You can find all the info on how to take part HERE

europa park

Last Wednesday I went with my colleagues and Kay to Europa Park in Rust, Germany.

The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold :) but we did have quite a long wait for all of the rides.
It was my first time there and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the park was.

Definitely will go again!

Have you been?

Reading Wise: Still stuck on the same book as I lately just fall into bed, exhausted :( 

I will be sharing this post with all of my creative weekly friends, so do pop over there for some great inspiration!

See you on Friday!

(I host a Finished Object linky party on Fridays, so do come by and link your gorgeous goodies for us all to admire :))


  1. I didn't even know that stitches had a right or wrong way - that's how little I know!! I love the colour of your socks.

  2. I'm learning two at a time toe up... what an adventure! I have a feeling I will like it once i have the system down!

  3. Meadow Blanket is beautiful. And cross stitching ... uiuiui. Do not underestimate cross stitching. :-)


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