Wednesday 31 August 2016


These are just some of the socks that have been getting attention over the last week!

(I have quite a couple of other pairs that I still haven't looked at :O))

Let me give you a closer look.....

This is my progress on Hubby's new socks.

Can you tell I was lazy?

Once I figured out I had only ordered 50g, I decided to pull one end from the inside, and the other from the outside and figured it would be fine :D

I will be making contrasting toe, heel and cuff, but will see how it goes with the patterned yarn and hope that I get a good leg length. I do love the stripes though and will definitely be ordering more of this yarn!

I have managed to knit two or three rows of Kay's boyfriends Christmas socks and I really love the mindless sock knitting......


As today is the 31st of August I am ready for tomorrows new cast on :)

I can't wait to cast on my Brainless pair, the yarn is so cute.....

I hope you will be joining me in Septembers Sock-Along!

You can find all the info about the Sock-Along HERE

Weaving wise: I have managed to complete another placemat but as it looks like the last one, I won't be boring you with a similar image - hopefully next week I can show you the next one.

Reading wise: I am still busy with the same title, and am still enjoying it :)

I will be sharing this with all of my creative friends for this week, so pop on over for some great inspiration.


  1. Hubby's socks are beautiful. :-) I'm picking up the needles soon! :-)

  2. Look at all that wonderful sock yarn! Enjoy your new cast on tomorrow.

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thank you, I have since cast on and am quite enjoying the new pattern.
      Have a great weekend.

  3. What are your sock yarns? I love the colors/patterns!

    1. Hi Laura,
      The yarns featured above are: Regia - Arne and Carlos; Wollbutt and Ponderosa.
      Thanks for visiting.


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