Monday 8 August 2016

Winding Balls

ball winder

Yes, you may ask yourself - what are those monstrosities?

Who knows!

I am getting so frustrated with my ball winder. 
We started off on a good footing with each other and it would wind the prettiest cakes of yarn for the beginning.......... when the relationship was fresh and new!

And now.....

It seriously winds the cakes any old how and no matter how much care I put into making sure that it is winding them correctly, lately they all start to take on a look of shame!

Have I possibly lost the capability to wind yarn, to turn a handle?

Oh dear, do any of you out there have the same problem?

I am wondering if it may be that it is not the top of the line brand of ball winder?

Hubby took my little friend apart last weekend, but to no avail, he told me that it should run smoothly :(

I would love to hear your tips on helping me solve this dilemma.



  1. I'd say the ball-winder is bad. I had the same problem with my old one. I tried and tried and tried. It would not make nice balls. But then bought another in Mystics three years ago, which works perfectly. :-)

    1. Regula which brand are you using? Mine is a no-name brand and maybe that is the problem.
      Thanks for visiting.


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