Sunday 16 December 2012

Filofaxiness - Yarn Lurv

Welcome back to the last segment in my knitting section of my Filofax.

Today I am going to take you through my Yarn-Wishlist / Shopping List.

If you missed last weeks post on "The Queue" You can visit it HERE for your FREE Printable.

This is a "Newish" printable that I have created and will probably will be evolving over the next while. 

I usually have so many projects that I would like to undertake, but when I come to ordering for my immediate yarn needs, I always kick myself afterwards when I realize that I could have saved myself some money by buying a little extra yarn to save on postage, but I never quite know which yarns to get.

So, I started a list which I keep in my knitting section, where I can note which yarns are necessary for future "Wanna-be" Projects. This way, if I can, I will try to purchase some of the yarn with my orders so that they go from "Wanna-be" to Definite Projects :)

I would love to hear from you if you use my inserts.
How do they work for you, are there details that still need to be included/excluded?
Let me know I am always open to suggestions.

Please feel free to print out a copy of my inserts for your personal use.

Click on the images below to download your FREE PDF copies.

Note - These pages are for personal usage only and may not be reproduced and/or sold. If you are using my inserts, please give me the credit, thank you.

I have two options of my Yarn Wishlist for you:

Click below to see how I use the inserts.

The next two Sundays will be Filofaxiness Free :( 

Too much to do, to much to prepare, sorry.

I will have my next Filofaxiness Post up for you on the 6th January 2013 (Wow, that feels weird to write!)

I will start the new year introducing you to my new........

Filofax Domino :D YEAH!!!!

See you then, I hope you all have a Fantastic, Filofaxy, Festive Season.

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