Wednesday 19 December 2012

WIP Wednesday

Well, I am just about done with my Xmas goodies. 
I finished my other cap on Sunday, (Will show you it in its' glory on Friday) and have my Houndstooth scarf blocking as we speak. I hope it will be dry later so I can back it and give it to the recipient tomorrow :)

I did have to admit that I probably won't be managing the mittens to go with the caps and scarves :( If I had until Christmas I would make them with no big stress, but I need to give them away tomorrow, so I don't think I will make it, we will see depends on how adventurous I feel this evening!

The top image is of handmade goodies that I still need to work on today for tomorrow. Will show you the completed projects on Friday.

How is your handmade gift making going? 
Are you done?
I look forward to seeing some of your amazing creations this week on Tutorial Thursday tomorrow.

If you missed my Filofaxiness post this week, you can go HERE to grab your FREE Printable on "Yarn Lurv"

See you tomorrow
I will be sharing over at Tamis and Ginnys today.


  1. Lovely. I'm sure the gift will be loved without the gloves. Have a happy Christmas

  2. The things you did finish are amazing without the mittens. :-D I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you are able to do as much as possible, but I hope you don't lose sight of how incredible the things you've already accomplished are!

  3. wow, the houndstooth scarf came out just fabulously.

  4. that scarf came out lovely.

  5. I look forward to seeing it all on Friday!


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