Saturday 16 August 2014

Book Review: The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

ISBN: 9781408815250

This was such an amazing read!
Probably the best book I have read this year.

I took this book with me on holiday with the goal to sit and read it on the beach.
I never managed to get any reading done whilst on holiday, but did start to read the book in the flight home.
As soon as I started I was hooked. By the time I arrived home I had already finished 3/4 of the title and could still not put it down.

I must admit that I haven't had tears streaming down my face at so many intervals through a book like with this one. At one point on the train ride home I eventually had to close the book as I couldn't help myself sobbing!

This book was so touching and emotional. 

I am not sure if having just come back from a trip to Turkey had helped in any way to understand the Afghan culture a little better, in any case, I was totally engrossed in this story. I felt that I could get a better image of a country in so much turmoil and suffering. We see it in the news and headlines, yet it does not touch us as humans - which it should!

This book is so brilliantly written that at times I was asking myself if the book was fictional or non-fictional.

I have been lent another of Mr. Hosseini's books to read "And the Mountains Echoed" which I look forward to opening in the near future.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a book that has been expertly written.

I gladly give this book:
5 Owls
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  1. It is an amazing book I do believe it is written very loosely on his life but mostly written as fiction. I tried to read another of his books and couldn't because it didn't grab me as the kite runner had. However this book did have somewhat of a life changing momment for me and I read it about four years ago

    1. Hi Tami,
      I am interested to see if I feel the same about his other book, I will be moving onto it shortly and will be sure to share my thoughts on it.
      Thanks so much for visiting.


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