Friday 22 August 2014

FO Fridays

FO Fridays

Since last week I have managed to complete some of the WIPs I had on show for you.
This is Kay's finished Slouchy Cap

It turned out to be a little more colourful than her first one and I am glad she likes this one too :)

slouchy cap

I also managed to finish the hat for Jas last weekend.

I love the effect of the Kid Silk and the Alpaca together, it just makes for an amazing, fluffy cap :)
I did think this cap turned out a little on the small size although I knit it for head size 56cm. If I had to make this again I would opt for the bigger option. 
Time should help it fit perfectly but that would have made for an awesome size from the beginning!

I really do love the leaf pattern on the hat, it just gives the hat a really neat touch :)

Drops 123-35

Drops Kid Slik

Drops Alpaca

List of projects that are still in my queue:

  1. Hat for Jas - WIP
  2. Crochet shorts 
  3. Another Hat for Jas
  4. Another Slouch for Kay - Complete
  5. Julianna for me - WIP
  6. Isis Wrap for me
  7. Winter socks for Jas
  8. Winter socks for Kay
  9. 2 Pairs of socks for Kay
  10. 2 Pairs of socks for Jas
  11. 4 Pairs of socks for hubby
  12. Hubby's Pullover
  13. 2 pairs of socks for me
  14. Rebel Lace Cardi
  15. Wristlets for me - WIP
  16. Wristlets for hubby
I wish you all a great weekend.
I am sharing this with my lovely Friday Friends.


  1. I adore both hats! It's funny when I'm at a show and people will walk past my booth and grumble about Alpaca. They don't like the halo. I laugh because I hardly notice it and ... quite often blend with mohair. I guess I love the soft halo.

    1. Hi Andrea
      I love Alpaca mixes - so soft and cuddly :)
      Thanks for your visit.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much :)
      Thanks for visiting.


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