Friday 15 August 2014

FO Fridays

Drops Bolero

A couple of hours before we were on our way to Turkey I finally finished my bolero which I wanted to take with me for evening strolls on the beach.

It was done and came with us on the trip, but I never got to wear it as the beach in the evening was gorgeous and in no need of anything warm! 
The good thing was I could wear it as soon as we got back to Switzerland and I must say I love the feel of it!

Kid-Silk Drops

I am sure I will be knitting another in a different colour in the future as it is a wonderful, mindless project that looks fab when complete!

Now I can concentrate on other cool projects awaiting my attention :)

List of projects that are in my queue:

  1. Hat for Jas - WIP
  2. Crochet shorts 
  3. Another Hat for Jas
  4. Another Slouch for Kay - WIP
  5. Julianna for me - WIP
  6. Isis Wrap for me
  7. Winter socks for Jas
  8. Winter socks for Kay
  9. 2 Pairs of socks for Kay
  10. 2 Pairs of socks for Jas
  11. 4 Pairs of socks for hubby
  12. Hubby's Pullover
  13. 2 pairs of socks for me
  14. Rebel Lace Cardi
  15. Wristlets for me - WIP
  16. Wristlets for hubby
See you again soon.
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Lovely color and you'll get lots of use from it....

    1. Hi Gracey is not my name,
      Yes, it is proving quite useful with most of my summer wardrobe :)
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. That's beautiful! I hope you'll share a few photos of Turkey!

    1. Hi Spinster Beth,
      I would love to share some photos of Turkey! Unfortunately I have only one or two, we didn't take cameras or phones with us most places and the GoPro would not keep it's charge for some odd reason.
      I will share the couple I have with you next Saturday.
      Thanks for your visit.

  3. Very pretty! Updated, new and fun. Bet you look cute in it.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thank you so much. It is such a versatile little piece! I will definitely be making a couple more of these in some different colours.
      Have a super day, and thank you for visiting.


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